Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

Mining Co.company
Capital, $3,000,000.

$500,000 Rerserved for Working Capital.


Thos., C. Fletcher, J. H.Britton, ,
Governor of Missouri. Pres. Nat. Bank State of Missouri, St. Louis.

Barton, Able, Esq., Jas. H.Bowen, ,
St. Louis. Of Bowen Bros., Chicago.

C., G. Wicker, Esq., Gen. MadisonMiller, ,
Of C. G. & J.H. Wicker , Chicago. St. Louis

John, Howe, Esq., Hon.Honorable JohnHogan, ,
St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis.

Alfred, Clapp, Esq.,
St. Louis.


Hon. JohnHogan, , Pres't C. G.Wicker, , Eiq., Vice-Pres't

Gen. MadisonMiller, , treas.treasurer AlfredClapp, , Esq., Gen.supt.superintendant

Col. Frank H.Fletcher, , Sec'y.

Office, No. 222 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo.

Chester & Chfcacio Branch
Junction Railroad Company.

Tthe Property Of This Company Consists Of 18,000 Acres Of Iron-
Making Coal, Near The Mississippi River, Intersected
By A Railroad Now Building By The Company,
And To Run From Chester, Ill., To
Centralia, On The Ill. Central Railroad.


Hon. JohnHogan, , Col. Jas. H.Britton.,
Gen. MadisonMiller., Stephen W.Milles.,


Hon. JohnHogan, , Col. Jas. H.Britton, ,
President. Vice-President.

Gen. MadisonMiller, , Col. Frank H.Fletcher, ,
Treasurer. Secretary