Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Lewie, Anna Mrs.washerwoman , r.residence 1208 s.south 5
Lewis, A. H. Mrs.boardioghouse, 1500 Poplor, r.residence
Lewis, Ben. w.west jr.junior (Bartholow. Lewis & Co. and
Lewis Bros. A Co.). r.residence ss.south side Pine, nr.near Beaumont
Lewi* Bros. & Co.company (Ben. w.west Lewis, jr.junior and -, ).
tobacco mnfrs.manufacturers 510 n.north 2d, factory, 812 . 22d
Lewis, Charles, hrakemao , r.residence es, Montrose av.avenue bet.between
Small and Clark av.avenue
Lewis, Charles (col'd), lb. r.residence ws.west side DuBreml, bet.between
Layfnyette and Geyer avs.avenues
Lewis, Chailes B-salesman , J. H. Lewis & Co.company
bds.boards St. Nicholas hotel
Lewis, Charles w.west student , academy of the Chris-
tiao Brothers
Lewis, C. w.west student , Bryant. Stratton &
Carpknteb S College, Olive, cor.corner 5tb
Lewis, Datid, pressman , Missouri Democrat, r.residence
5 Foster
Lewis, Diilwyn P.conductor , People's city rail-
wav, bds.boards 1613 Lion av.avenue
Lewie, Edward s.south ettryderk. J. H. Wear & Co.company r.residence
704 Olive
Lewis, Evan, heater , Laclede roiling mills, r.residence 4234
Lewis, Ezekiel, eigarmaker , Brant & Goodrich , r
114 Brooklyn
Lewis, e.east P.student , r.residence 1506 Poplar
Lewis, Frank P.engineer , r.residence 2608 Cooper
Lewis, George F.notary public , r.residence 1609 Dodier
Lewis, George T.(G.T. Lewis* Co.) , r.residence Glendale
av.avenue op.opposite California av.avenue
Lewis, Gnstnvus, clerk , F. A. White & Co.company r,residence 2710
n.north 11th
Lewis G.T. & Co.company (George T.Lewis, and
-), Venetian blind mnfrs.manufacturers 425 n.north 6tb
Lewis, Heory, driver , r.residence 1530 Orange
Lewis, Henry(F.A. White St Co.) ,r,2710 n.north llth
Lewis, Henry H.(J.S. UwisA Co.) , r.residence 616 Wash-
ington av.avenue
Lewis, Henry (col'd), porter , G. w.west Curtis & Co.company
r,residence 814 Walnut
Lewis, Isaac, P. engineer , r.residence 2608 Cooper
Lewis, James, tailor , bds.boards 814 Pine
Lewis, James H.engineer , r.residence 1540 Orange
Lewis, James W, {Bartholow, Lewis & Co.) , r.residence
Glasgow, Mo.Missouri
Lewis, John. clcik , circuit court, Court House, r.residence
1112 s.south 13th
Lewis, John, riverman , r.residence 526 Picotte
Lewis, John A.furnituredealer , 805 n.north Gth.r.residence same
Lewis, John H.undertakers' trimmings , r.residence Ill
Lewis, J-hn H.(J.H. Lewis & Co.) , r.residence New York
Lewis, Johu s.south (J.s.south Lewis 4 Co.) , r.residence Michigan
Lewis, John T.clerk , William M.Prottsman, , r.residence
Howard house
Lewis, John V.{Lewis & Swan) , r.residence 809 Walnut
Lewis, Joseph M.clerk , Jacob H.Myers, , bds.boards 812
Lesis J.H. & Co.company (John H.Lewis, and -, ), up.
holsterers, 714 n.north 4th
Lesis, J.Ivers(Page, Smith, Lewis & Co.) , bds.boards
Restaurnat Procher 9th cor.corner Olive
Lewis J.s.south & Co.company (John s.south and Henry H.
Lewis, and Henry F.Frnake, ), school furi-
ture, 606 Washignton av.avenue
Lewis, J.Vance, lawyer , 610 n.north th.r.residence 802 n.north 6th
Lewis, Margretta, wid.widow David, , r.residence 740 s.south 2d
Lewis, Margaret, wid.widow r.residence 1314 n.north 7th
Lewis, Martrom D.lawyer , 318 Market, r.residence St.
Paul. P.R. R.
Lewis, Mary . wld.George, , r.residence 1218 n.north 14th
Lewis, . (M. Lewis A Co.) , r.residence Massachusetts'
Lewis M. & Co.company (M.Lewis, amd M. L.Hoffman, ),
sewing machine agts.agents 514 n.north 3d
Lewis, Nanson & Co.company (Wm. J.Lewis, ,
Joseph s.south Nanson, and William A.Ober, ),
com. mers.commission merchant 513 n.north 2d
Lewis, Owen J.(O. J Lewis Ii Co.) , bds.boards 821 Olive
Lewis 0. J. A Co.company (Owen J.Lewis, and Kalbert
Hnughtou, ), boots and boe9 , 1028 and 1030
Lewis, Richard, carpenter , bda. 509 Summit av.avenue
bet.between Gamble and Pacific av.avenue
Lewis, Richard B.(Lewis & Speibrink) , r.residence 1419
Franklin av.avenue
Lewis, s.southmnfr.manufacturer roofcomposition, bds.boards Bestaurant
Porcher, Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner n.north 9th
Lewis, Thomas, salesman , J. H. Lewis & Co.company bds.boards
St. Nicholas hotel
Lewis, Thomas, salesman , Smeatbers & son , bds.boards
616 St. Charles
Lewis, Thomas A.salesman , Gilt & Mnrphy. r.residence 206
n.north 6th
Lewis, Thomas P.barber , E. Hanley & Co.company r.residence 523
Lewis, Timothy, lab.laborer r.residence 1342 n.north 14th
Lewis, Walter F.bookkeeper , J. w.west Booth k Sons ,
r.residence Olive, oe.cor.corner 7th
Lewis, William, carpenter , 830 Brooklyn
Lewis, William, carpenter. Market Street planing
mill. r.residence Morgan, sw.southwest cor.corner 9th
Lewis, William, tinnet , bda. 2841 Manchester rd.road
Lewis, William A.mechanic , r.residence 530 Sidney
Lewis, William D.clerk , r.residence 3602 n.north 9th
Lewis, William G.beater , Laclcde iron works, r.residence
4116 . 2d
Lewis, William J.{Lewis, Hanson & Co.) , r.residence 3014
Morgan, nr.near Garrison av.avenue
Lewis, w.west J.pres.president Atlanticand Mississippi Steam-
ship Co.company r.residence 3014 Morgan
Lewis & Co.company (JosephRoseufield, ), chemical labora-
tory. 314 Cheanut
Lewis & Groshon (WilliamGroshou, and
-), bats, caps and furs, 211 . 4th
Lewis k Spelbrink (Richard r.residence Lewis, and Louis
Spelbriuk, ), liverystables and undertakers ,
1415 Franklin av.avenue
Lewis &Swann (John Y,Lewis, , Joseph B.Swann,
and James U.Otjden, ), hardware and cutlery,
whol. 602 n.north Main
Lewis, see also Louis
Lexuv, Christ, gasmaker , r.residence Mullanphy
Lexow, Christian, lab.laborer Belcher's Sugar Refining
Co. r.residence 1408 n.north Main
Leyer, David G.butcher , r.residence ns.north side Elizabeth, nr.near
Pratte av.avenue
Leyden, Timotby, lab.laborer r.residence 2407 Division
Leydon, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence 3203 'Fauna
Leyb, George e.east boot and shoemaker , 1420 Frank-
lin av.avenue r.residence same
Leyssht, Frederick(C.F. & w.west Meyer & Co.) , r.residence
931 Autumn, bet.between 9th and South
Leysen, Peter J.scholastic , St. Louis univesrity, r.residence
Leyser, George, cutler , 1124 n.north 5th, r.residence 1126 n.north 5th
Leytze, Charles, brewer , r.residence 806 Ann av.avenue
Libby, Alphonso, clerk , . B. Graham & Bro. r.residence
11th. bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Libby, John, publisher , Gospel of Tem-
perance, and grand sec.secretary of good templars,
302 Vine, r.residence 714 n.north 12th
Libby, J. C.cityweigher , 112 s.south Commercial, r.residence
1425 7th
Libby, Melville C, (Libby & Williams) , r.residence 107 Gen-
Libby & Williams (Melville C.Libby, and John r.residence
Williams, ) paper warehouse , 419 n.north 3d
Libely, Jamesmoulder , Etna iron works, bds.boards s.south
8th, bet.between Clark av.avenue and Spruce