Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
McDonnell, James C.e.east salesman , St. Louis Book
and News Co.company r.residence 1523 Clark av.avenue
McDonnell, Mack, lab.laborer bds.boards 2841 Manchester rd.road
McDonnell, Joseph, candymaker , bds.boards 1717 Frank-
lin av.avenue
McDonnell, Mary, wid.widow CharlesA., r.residence 820 Summit
McDonnell, Patrick, plasterer , r.residence rear 928 n.north 16th
McDonnell, Peter, stonecutter , r.residence rear 906 Frank-
lin av.avenue
McDonnell, Richard, rollers helper , bds.boards 4224
McDonnell, Thomas, finisher , St. Louis Woolen
Mnfg. Co.company r.residence es.east side 4th. nr.near Bryan av.avenue
McDonnell, ThomaS, waiter Southern hotel, bds.boards
McDonough, Eliza.wid.widow James, , r.residence 1215 Orange
McDonough, Frederick, riverman. bds.boards 816 Biddle
MoDonough, Hanora, wid.widow Patrick, , r.residence 1123 n.north 9th
McDonongh, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 1327 n.north 10th
McDonough, James, driver , LawrencePezolt, , r.residence
Channing av.avenue cor.corner Laclede av.avenue
McDonough, James, r.residence 2401 Chesnut
MoDonough, James r.residence collector , r.residence 810 n.north 10th
McDonough, John, lab.laborer bds.boards Arsenal, ne.northeast cor.corner 7th
MoDonough, Martin, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between O'Fallon and
Case, 9th and 10th
MoDonough, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1331 n.north 12th
McDonough, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass, 8th and 9th
McDonough, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence 1134 m/ 2d
McDonough, Patrick, moulder , Washington foun-
McDonough, Patrick, policeman , r.residence al.alley bet.between 24th
and 25th. Franklin av.avenue and Wash
McDonogh, Richard, clerk , w.west H.Haggerty, , r.residence
908 n.north 9th
MoDonough, Thomas, lab.laborer Collins & Holliday , r.residence
1438 Broadway
McDonough, Thomas.lab.laborer r.residence 1221 n.north 7th
McDonough, Thomas, lab.laborer 1208 Collins
MeDonough, William, driver. bds.boards 1522 Wright
MeDonouah, —, lab.laborer 927 O'Fallon
McDormick, John, lab , r.residence 2255 O'Fallon
McDougal, Daniel, waiter , Laciede hotel, bds.boards
McDoagal, Harrison, barber , r.residence 2115 Gamble av.avenue
MeDougall, William F.bartender , Pacific stock-
yard house, ne.northwest cor.corner Theresa av.avenue and Ran-
McDougell, Daniel, driver , St. Louis Transfer Co.company
r.residence 414 Sprace
McDowell, Andrew(Andrew McDowell & Co.)
McDowell Andrew & Co.company (AndrewMcDowell, and
—), com.mer.merchants 218 n.north Commercial
McDowell, Augustus(A. McDowell & Co.) , r.residence 1610
Lucas av.avenue
McDowell A.Co.company (AugustusMcDowell,
and Edward D.Sanders, ), carpets, oilcloths
and window shades , 506 n.north 4th
McDowell, Charles n.north (Bussey & Co.) r.residence 502a. 5th
McDowell, Drake, physician , r.residence 720 s.south 8th
McDowell, Francis, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Nebraska av.avenue bet.between
Ctittenden and Pestalozzi av.avenue
McDowell, George w.west clerk , w.west C.Berry, , r.residence 1008
McDowell, Henry, physician , r.residence 2843 Manchester
McDowell, Hugh, fireman , Barnam'a hotel, bds.boards
McDowell, James, furniture man , Barnum's hotel,
bds.boards same
McDowell, James, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Nebraska av.avenue bet.between
Crittenden and Pestalozzi
McDpwell, James.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1224 n.north 14th
McDowell, John.com.mer.merchants r.residence 1008 Chesnut
McDowell, John B.jr.junior clerk , r.residence 1007 Olive
McDowell, John B.physician , r.residence 1007 Olive
McDowell, John Jphysician and surgeon , 419
Olive, bds.boards Everett house
McDowell, Joseph M.physician , r.residence 720 s.south 8th
McDowell, L. e.east patternmaker , r.residence 704 s.south 5th
McDowell, n.north M.(Bussey & Co.) , r.residence 502 s.south 5th
McDowell, Sarah A.wid.widow William, , r.residence 704 s.south 5th
McDwyre, John, hostler. bds.boards Walnut Street house
McElliearne, Michael, lab.laborer 2311 O'Fallon
McElligott, Cornelins, Conductor , r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between
Bid le md O'Fallon, 7th and 8th
McElrath, Arthur, clerk , White, Henry & Co.company bds.boards
715 St. Charles
McElroth, Patrick, boilermaker. r.residence 1509 Gay
McElroy, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 408 s.south Levee
McElroy, John A.saloon. 1445 Broadway, r.residence same
McElveny, Michael, lab.laborer McMurray & Smith , bds.
9th. ne.northeast cor.corner Market
McElwain, Sophia Mrs bds.boards 1637 Morgan
McEnerv, Fennillestudent , St Louis university
McEnnis, John, student. St. Louis university
McEnnis, Michael.James Reilley & Co.company r.residence 5th. bet.between
Sarah and Gratiot
McBnnis, Michael, porkhouse, r.residence 712 s.south 5th
McEnrow, Bridget, r.residence 2314 Franklin av.avenue
McEnrow, John.lab.laborer r.residence 2314 Franklin av.avenue
McEntee, Andy, plasterer , bds.boards ns.north side St. Joseph, bet.between
bet.between 5th and 6tj
McEntee, Mary.wid.widow Barney, , r.residence ns.north side St. Joseph,
bet.between 5th and 6th
McEntire, Charles, student , academy of the
Christian Brothers
McEntire, Joseph, com. and forwd.forwarding
mer. also steamboat and r.residence r.residence agent , 312 n.north
Commercial, r.residence 2115 Clark av.avenue
McEntire, Josephbookkeeper , JosephMcEntire, ,
r.residence 2115 Clark av.avenue
McEntyre, Bridget, wid.widow John, , r.residence 1122 Stoddard
McEntyre, James, finisher , r.residence 1126 Stoddard
McEuen, H. G.student , bds.boards 112 n.north 6th
McEveny, Kate Mrs. r.residence rear 827 n.north 8th
McEviney, Joseph, plumber , JamesDolan, , r.residence al.alley
bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon, 6th and 7th
McEvoy, Annn Miss, r.residence 1306 Lafayette
McEvoy, John, lab.laborer r.residence 2111 Gamble av.
McEvoy, John, stonecutter , r.residence 2805 Manchaster rd.road
McEvoy, Larry, collecter , bds.boards 6th, ne.northwest cor.corner
McEwen, Edwin D.salesman , r.residence 1811 Biddle
McEwen, e.east e.east salesman , J. H. Wear & Co.company r.residence
1704 Carr
McEwen, Hugh, plasterer , r.residence 1612 Gratiot
McKwen, J.barkeeper , bds.boards 706 St. Charles
McEwen, Rilph M.L.cleirk , P. O.r.residence 1916 Ran-
McEwing, William, business manager , St. Louis
Journal of Commerce, r.residence 1108 Morgan
McFadden, Robert, porter , Wm. Spear & Co.company r.residence
100 n.north 7th
McFadden, William, carrier , P. O r.residence 1008 n.north 7th
McFall, Francis, cash. r.residence 1411 Papin
McFall, John, saleman , Moody, Michel & Co.company bds.boards
715 Chesnut
McFall, John, State tobacco inspector , r.residence 926 n.north
McFall, Thomss, saloon , bds.boards St. Lawrence hotel
McFall, William, bricklayer , r.residence 111 n.north 16th
McFarland, Alfred, carpenter , r.residence ws.west side Jefferson av.avenue
nr.near Carondelet rd.road
McFarland, Archibald(Frank s.south Noel & Co.) ,r.residence
Canton Miss.
McFarland, Frank, porter , Peterson , Hantborn &
Co. r.residence 96 Washington av.avenue
McFarland, James, student , academy of the
Christian Brothers