Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Harrihill, Thomas, teamster , r.residence 2205 Carr
Harrington, Charles, roofing , 109 n.north 7th, r.residence es.east side
Tayon av.avenue bet.between Gratiot and Singleton
Harrington, Charlesjr.junior roofer , Charles, Harrington,
r.residence es.east side Tayon av.avenue bet.between Gratiot and Singleton
Harrington, Charlotte, wid.widow FrederickT., r.residence 714 s.south
Harrington, Edward, furniturecarrier , r.residence l515 Aus-
Harrington, Eliza Mrs.r.residence 20 Centre
Harrington, Eliza B. Miss, teacher , Bonham's
female seminary, r.residence Webster
Harrington, Eugene C.r.residence ns.north side Pine, 2d door e.east of
Ware av.avenue
Harrington, Frederick H.salesman , James F.How, ,
r.residence 2701 Pacific
Harrington, George, printer , St. Louis Times, bds.boards
606 Market
Harrington, George A.bds.boards 522 Myrtle
Harrington, Henry F.(Hubbard & Harrington) , r.residence
1005 n.north 5th
Harrington, John, lab.laborer r.residence 821 Biddle
Harrington, John, teamster , r.residence es.east side 20th, bet.between Cass
av.avenue and Mullanphy
Harrington, Joseph w.west clerk , MartinPender, , bds.boards
2605 n.north 15th
Harrington, Josiah G.clerk , St. Nicholas hotel
Harrington, Louisa Miss, nurse , Protestant orphan
asylum, bds.boards 817 n.north 7th
Harrington, Michael, clerk , Edward Simons & Bro.
r.residence 1213 n.north 10th
Harrington, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 1213 n.north 10th
Harrington, Michael, moulder , r.residence 1515 Mullanphy
Harrington, Patrick, lab.laborer bds.boards 414 Morgan
Harrington, Patrick, plumber , ThomasFitzger-, , r.residence 20th, bet.between Cass av.avenue and Mullanphy
Harriott, Edward, giassblower , bds.boards 421 s.south 15th
Harriott, s.south w.west carpenter , Richards & Lawnin , r.residence
High, cor.corner Half
Harris, Alfred, upholsterer ,ThomasHarris, , r.residence 808
n.north 5th
Harris, A.pilot , Western Boatmen's benevolent
association , Chesnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d
Harris, Calvin A.s.south printer , St. Louis Printing
Co. bds.boards 715 St. Charles
Harris, Charles A.printer , Missouri Republican,
r.residence foot of Lami
Harris, Charles H.shoemaker , WilliamSteinbre-, r.residence 1405 North Market
Harris, Clarence V.bookkeeper , Davis & Knowles,
bds.boards 1100 Madison
Harris, Clara, wid.widow Simon , r.residence rear 918 n.north 12th
Harris, Edward, switchman , P.r.residence r.residence bds.boards 521 s.south
Harris, Eliza, wid.widow Samuel, , r.residence 1704 s.south 7th
Harris, e.east K.clerk , quartermaster's dept.department U. s.United States A.
Harris, George, clerk , James McCabe, r.residence 1517 n.north
Harris, George, riverman , r.residence n.north 20th, nr.near Bremen
Harris, George M.D.bookkeeper , J.Meyberg, ,
bds.boards St. Nicholas hotel
Harris, George w.west steamboat clerk , r.residence 1527 Olive
Harris, Hannah Mrs.fancygoods . 627 Morgan, r.residence
Harris, Henry, porter , JohnHass, , r.residence 521 s.south High
Harris, Houston (col'd), porter , Rosenfieid & Co.company
Harris, Isaac, newspapercarrier , bds.boards 823 n.north 4th
Harris, James A.salesman , M.Werner, , r.residence 4th, se.southeast
cor.corner Elm
Harris, James r.residence wood and coal , 23 s.south 14th, bds.boards
122 Centre
Harris, Jason, wheelwright , r.residence 18th, ne.northwest cor.corner Ben-
Harris, John, driver , r.residence al.alley bet.between Morgan and Frank-
lin av.avenue llth and 12th
Harris, John, painter , T.Salorgne, , r.residence 713 St.
Harris, John w.west mer. tailor , 210 n.north 4th, r.residence 1117 Pine
Harris, Joseph, clerk , r.residence 1525 Mound
Harris, Joseph, clerk , Planters' house billiard sa-
loon, r.residence 615 St. Charles
Harris, Joseph G.traveling agt.agent r.residence 314 Olive
Harris, J. s.south woodworker , T.Salorgne, , r.residence Benton,
ne.northwest cor.corner 18th
Harris, Louis (col'd), porter , Prather, Dix & Co,
r.residence ws.west side 10th, bet.between Jefferson and Madison
Harris, Meyer, traveling agt. J. & L.M. Hellman
Harris, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Mullanphy and
Florida, Main and 2d
Harris, M.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Harris, Nicholas C.(Fisher & Harris)
Harris, n.north H.com.mer.merchants bds.boards 209 n.north 7th
Harris, n.north M.sec.secretary and treas.treasurer St. Louis Gas Im-
proving and Saving Co.company 219 n.north 6th, r.residence 717
Harris, Paul, shoemaker , r-al.alley bet.between Mullanphy and
Florida, Main and 2d
Harris, Robert, clerk , r.residence 917 n.north 11th
Harris, r.residence C.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Harris, Sherman, barkeeper , r.residence 1209 Orange
Harris, Thad. C.clerk , Chauncey I.Fillev, , r.residence 905
Harris, Thomas, furniture mnfr.manufacturer Cass av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner
17th, store 808 n.north 5th, r.residence same
Harris, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence rear 912 s.south 3d
Harris, William, coffeestand , 2 City market, r.residence
3319 n.north 10th
Harris, William, com.mer.merchants 203 and 205 s.south 3d, r.residence
406 Gratiot
Harris, William B.(w.west B. Harris & Co.) , r,residence 319n.north
Harris, William e.east clerk , James G. Bell & Co.company
bds.boards 1310 Chesnut
Harris, William s.south agt.agent Missouri State lottery, 7
s.south 4th, r.residence 1527 Olive
Harris, William T.asst.assistant supt.superintendant public schools, Dar-
by's bldg.building Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner 5th, r.residence 24 Targee
Harris, William w.west saloon , 629 Morgan, r.residence same
Harris, Wolf, salesman , r.residence 902 Franklin av.avenue
Harris w.west B. & Co.company (William B.Harris, and —, ),
com. mers.commission merchant 110 s.south commercial
Harrison, Ann, wid.widow James, , r.residence 816 Pratte av.avenue
Harrison, Arthur, lab.laborer Collier White Lead and Oil
Co. r.residence 2325 Cozens
Harrison, Benjamin I. (col'd), (Harrison & John-
ston), r.residence 425 n.north 7th
Harrison, Benjamin, student , academy of the
Christian Brothers
Harrison, Britton M.ins.agt.agent r.residence 518 Myrtle
Harrison, Charles H.liverystables and undertaker ,
1335 n.north 7th, r.residence same
Harrison, Daniel, salesman , Cunningham & Co.company
bds.boards 610 Washington av.avenue
Harrison, David, lab.laborer Collier White Lead and Oil
Co, r108 s.south 11th
Harrison, Edward, musician , bds.boards 905 Locust
Harrison, Edwin, r.residence 2633 Olive
Harrison, Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker , r.residence 2226
Harrison, Ellen, wid.widow William, , bds.boards 700 Broadway
Harrison, Ellsworth(Turney, Frukes & Harrison) ,
219 and 221 Market
Harrison, Francis r.residence guager , r.residence ss.south side al.alley bet.between La-
beaume and w.west Brooklyn, 9th and 10th
Harrison, F. P.teacher , bds.boards 2602 Franklin av.avenue
Harrison, Henry J.lab.laborer Dryden, Wagner & Co.company r.residence
ws.west side 17th, bet.between Jefferson and Monroe
Harrison, Herman, plasterer , bds.boards 1615 Menard
Harrison, James, pres.president Laclede Iron and Mnfg.manufacturing
Co. 603 n.north 2d, r.residence 2633 Olive