Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Merrite, Margaret s.south wid.widow William H.r.residence 701 n.north 23d
Merry, James(Merry ft Glenny) , r1223 Piro
Merry, John C.clerk , r,residence 1227 n.north 5th.
Merry, Thomas L.bookkeeper , Merry & Glenny ,
bds.boards 1223 Pine
Merry & Glenny (JamesMerry, and JohaGlenny, ),
grocers , 618 and 620 Olive
Mershamen, George, river cook , bds.boards Geiesert's
Mershwirth, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1602 Biddle
Mersman, Frank, salesman , Crow & Farrell , r.residence ns.north side
Montgomery, betbetween 9th and Broadway
Meisman, J. J.r.residence 1016 Ghouteau av.avenue
Merseramann, Bernhard, blacksmith , 2701 Broadway,
r.residence 813 Montgomery
Meerssbach, Henry, butcher , r.residence ss.south side Park av.avenue nr.near
Pratte av.avenue
Mersters, Joseph, shoemaker , r.residence 920 n.north 12th
Merten, Henry, clerk , Geo , F.Tower, r.residence 1504 Mad-
Merten, John D.(Merten and Heimkamp) , r.residence 1021
n.north 6th
Merten & Helmkamp (John D.Merten, and Her- H.Hetrakamp, ), livery and boardlngsta-
hte , 1022, 1024,1028, and saloon 1028 n.north 6th
Mertens, Bernard, driver , r.residence Victor, bet.between McNair
ay. and Gravois rd.road
Mertens, Gostave, student , Bbyant, Strat-
Ton & Carpenter'S College , Olive,
cor.corner 5th
Mertens, Oscar, shippingclerk , w.west H. Benton &
Co.company . 7th, nw,northwest cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Merlin, Adam, butcher , ns.north side Arsenal nr.near 2d Ca-
rondelet av.avenue r.residence same
Mertin, Herman, clerk , George F.Tower, , r.residence Mad-
ison, se.southeast cor.corner 15th
[ertinsmeier, Casper, lab.laborer r.residence 1640 Benton
[ertz, Cbatles, driver , bds.boards we. Broadway, bet.between
Howard and Mound
Mertz, Frederick, cabinetmaker , 1824 Benton
Metz, Frederick, clerk , Morris Hezel ft Co.company bds.boards
510 s.south 5th
Mertz, George F.salesman , GeorgeJorgensen., r.residence
1013 n.north 13th
Meernm, Frederic, dyer , r.residence 1655 Jackson
Meerwin, Frank, salesman , C. B, Hubbell jr.junior ft Co.company
r.residence 800 Locust
Merwin George A. ft Co.company New York , whol.wholesale teas
and spices , office, 413 n.north 2d
Merwin, James B.pres.president Western Publishing and
School Furnishing Co.company 704 Cbesout, r.residence 1008
Merz, Daniel, boot and shoedealer , 313 Convent
Mora, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1125 n.north 16th
Merz, John, lab.laborer bds.boards 203 Ferry
Mere, John, millwright , r.residence 706 s.south 3d
Mörz, Louis, bartender , Turnerbail, , r.residence 16 and 20
a. 10th
Mere, Paul(Pilz ft Merz5 , r.residence 1724 Franklin avavenue
Mera, Veit, boot and shoemaker , 524 8. 2d,r.residence same
Merz, William, lab.laborer bds.boards 203 Perry
Mesch, Fred, boot and shoemaker , John H.Schnee-, , r.residence 1012 l]tb, bet.between Wash and Carr
Mescbmeyer, George, ins, agt. r.residence 2414 n.north 16th
Mescho, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 608 n.north 5th
Meacne, James, gasfitter , A. Stephenson ft Co.company
Meseke, Heinrick, teamster , r.residence Kingsbury, bet.between
McNair and Supertor avs.avenues
Meskendorf, John G.varnisher , John H.Koppel-, , r,residence 1306 Monroe
Mesmel, Christian, cooper , r.residence 914 Chambers
Mesnier, Antoine, lab.laborer n, ns. Arsenal, nr.near McNair
Mesnier, Charles, architect , HenryKennedy, , r.residence
1505 Papin
Messenger, Philip, r.residence es.east side Missouri av.avenue bet.between Park
and Chouteau avs.avenues
Messer, George, barber , John, Riegert, bds.boards 1223
n.north 5th
Messer, Jacob, lab.laborer Finck, Dreyer & Co.company r.residence 327