Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Meyers, Jacob, esodymaker , 8. B. Bailer
Meyers, James, lab.laborer r.residence 1521 n.north 17th
Heyers, Jobo, moulder , r.residence 1329 n.north 12th
Meyers, Joan, salesman , r.residence 1106 n.north 12th
Meyers, Jobs, watchman , St, Louie Transfer Co.company
r.residence 1129 n.north 2d
Meyers, Joseph, dealer in jewelry , r.residence 118 s.south 12th
Meyers, Joseph, grocer , 1110 . 14th. r.residence same
Meyers, J. . salesman , bds.boards 633 s.south 4th
Meyers, Louisa, wid.widow Charles, , r2407 Morgan
Meyers, Mack, drsymao , bd. 2033 Morgan
Meyers, Phillip P.r.residence 1225 Cheanutr
Meyers, Rachea, wid..Simon, , r.residence 811 Franklin av.avenue
Meyers, Rnsetta Miss, seamtreue , OttoHenkel, , r.residence
614 Myrtle
Meyers , H. s.south tobacconist , r.residence 702 n.north lOth
Meyers, Samuel A.(Bagwill & Meyers) , bdsa. La-
clede hotel
Meyers, Simon, clerk , IsaacRosaack, , r.residence 1018
Meyers, William, upholsterer. Centre market, r.residence
228 Washington av.avenue
Meyers, , see also Meiers, Mien and Myers
Meyersfeck, H.r.residence 1831 Carr
Meyerstein, Harraaa, clerk , F.Dsttelaweig, , r.residence 718
n.north 16th
Meyersteiti, Morris, drygoods broker , 208 . Main,
r.residence 924 s.south 14th
Meyler, William.laber. 2908es.east side Cooper, bet.between Sum-
mit and Montrose av.avenue
Meyraw, r.residence H.tudent. Bryant, 8Tratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Meyre, Sabault, butcher , MartinGassar, , bds.boards
Bryan av.avenue cor.corner Bellefontaine rd.road
Meyrose, Beuj.(F. Meyro*e A Co.company ) . r- 733 s, 4th
Meyrose, F.(F. Meyrose St, Co.) , r.residence Camndelet
Meyrose F. St Co.company (F.Meyrose, nd Ben,Mey-, ). lanterns and carfaraps, 733 s.south 4lh
Meysenburg, Edward A.bookkeeper , Gauss, Haa-
icke A Co.company r.residence 2213 Eugenia
Meysenburg, Emil A.chief clerk, seat.U.S. treas.
r.residence 2213 Eugenia
Meysenburg, Gustavus(Bulfin St Meysenburg) , r.residence
1104 Morgan
Meysenburg, OtioW.teller , Exchange bank of st.street
Louis , r.residence 2213 Bugeuia, bet.between 22d and 23d
Meysenburg, Theodore A.engineer , Board of
Waterworks, r.residence 2213 Eugenia
Meyser, Paul, carpenter , r.residence 1305 Buel
Mez, Fred, wash, blue and blackiug factory, 500 s.south
7th, r.residence same
Miami Packet Company , office, wharfboat, foot
of Pine
Micandre, Margaret Mrs.r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th,
Washington avavenue and Green
Michael, Anuie, wid.widow Isaac, , millineryelore, 1220
Morgan, r.residence same
Michael, August, finisher , Collins * Hollidsy, r.residence
Jackson, nr.near Carroll
Michael, August, saloon, 1014 Columbus, r,residence same
Michael, A. B.wid.widow D.C.r.residence 1403 Olive
Michael, Ernest, restaurant , bds.boards 1210 n.north 9tb
Michael, George, cigarmakar , 1026 Market, r.residence
Michael, George B.paperhangings, etc. 315 4th,
bds.boards Planters' house
Michael, Henry, plasterer , r.residence rear 1125 n.north 12th
Michael, John, lab.laborer r.residence 2500 Jackson
Micha, John(Michael i Siebke) , r.residence rear 2024
Michael, Martin, wooddealer, r.residence al.alley bet.between DeKstb
and Kosciusko, Barton and Victor
Michael, Patrick, carriagedriver , r,residence 208 . 9th