Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Novorlny, Mslhias, cooper . Wirthllo & Co.company De-
Kalh. ne.northwest cor.corner ljimi
lfovonih, Wenrelco per . r.residence 1301 Geyer a.
NorotRl, Johann, lab.laborer r.residence 196 Linn
Nowa, Michael, tenmrter . r.residence 728 s.south 5th
Noweck, Jobn .will.wweieworker , C. A.Stola, , bds.boards
e2d. M. bet- Hickory snd Rutgers
Nownrk, Martin, barkeeper . HenrvHeww,
Nowakownky, Jntliw A.asst.assistant bookkeeper . Schal-
enliarc A Boeckeler , r.residence Spring, bet.between llth and
Nnwck, John, dhttfller . r.residence 2423 Oolomhni
Nowedb, Anton. esrpeater , r.residence 1231 n.north llth
Nowks, Prtw. shoemaker , r,residence 23 Bates
Nnwodoeeck, Caapar, cooper , r.residence rear 1727 Decator
Nowolnl, Frana.lab.laborer r.residence 1906 Closey
Nownfnl, TbomB, cooper , r.residence *l bei. Rosattl and
Hnmtrnmrk, Emmet and Geyera.
Nowotny, Mathias, cooper , . 824 Ann a.
Noxon, Fr.ok F.clerk . P.r.residence R. depot, bda. 618
Noxon, George w.west hlpplngclerk , Channcey I.Ffl-, .r.residence 1540 Colnrnm
Noxon, Henry C.treas.treasurer Varieties theatre, r.residence 310
s.south 3d
Noxon. Straus & Paust (ThomasCinoxon, , Myer
Straus, and WilliamPaust, ), sign and orna-
mental painters , 419 Pine
Noxon, Thomasscenic artist , Varieties theatre,r.residence
1110 6th
Noxon, Thoma* C. (Noxon,Siran A Panit ), r.residence
1110 n.north 6th
Noyes, Alden ft Whitehead (Jsmei A.Nnyea, ,
Cliarim FAllen, and John T,Whitehead, ),
denlere in safes, locks, wlregoods , etc.420
n.north 3d
Noyes, James A. (Noyes, Alden*Whitehead ), 420
n.north 3d
Noyes, John C.freight gt. St. L., A. * T, H.r.residence
r.residence . East St. Louis
Noyes, Nathan P. (Appleton, Noye * Co.company ), r.residence
1731 Washington av.avenue
Nnyac, r.residence in, solicitor , Polier 4 Kimball , Olive,
sw.southwest cor.corner 3d
Nuilles, 'e.east 8.stiidmt . Bryant, Stratton *
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Nuecke, Herman, wirewnrker , O. P. Baylor A Co.company
r.residence a. id, opp.opposite gaswnrks
Nnelle, Willi im (Geisel k Noelle ), r.residence 721 Soulsrd
Nnc-man, Ohl ist. saloou and boardinghouse, 1601
Mariket, r.residence same
Nnennig, Bernhard, apprentice , bd-i. 1232 n.north 9th
NuernlhTger, Emst., lab.laborer r.residence rear 1011 . 12th
Nuenilwrger, Phillip, salesman , A. McDowell *
Co.company r.residence 21st, corcorner , Eugenia
Nucshanmer, Michael, lab.laborer lids. 1212 s.south 2d
NeuKch, Gottlieb, lab.laborer brls, 900 s . 2d
Nuesperle, George, tanner , r.residence 1546 Jackson
Nuff, Alexander, cabinetmaker , hdi.ws.west side Carolide-
let uv.bet.between Cbeiokee and Potomac
Nugent, Edward, caipei.ter . r.residence rear 1316 n.north 16th
Nugent, Frank, riverman , 1317 n.north 8th
Nugent, James, formeman , William w.west Ehigner, , r.residence
908 n.north 22d
Nugent, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 1324 Collins
Nugent, James, printer , Missouri Democrat, r.residence
680 n.north 6th
Nugent, James, stonemason , r.residence 1351 n.north 15th
Nugent, James, supt. Merchants1 Transportation
Co.company of 81. Louis. 26 n.north 2d, r.residence 809 n.north 22d
Nogent, John, printer , r.residence 1239 n.north 7th
Nueent, John T.teamster , bds.boards 1712 Morgan