Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Pfuod, Frederick, r.residence 1712 Carondelet av.avenue
Pfundt, Lonis, shoemaker , HenryLohrenz, , r.residence 411
Pgoetz, Louis, hoardinghonse , 204 s.south 5th, r.residence same
Phalan, Michael F.esleamau , Appleton, Noyes &
Co. bds.boards Everett hnnse
Phalen, John, privatewatchman , bds.boards 116 n.north 12th
Phealnn, John, tinsmith , JamesBeakey, , r.residence ss.south side
O'FaMoii, bet.between 7tb and 8th
Pheally, Ellen, wid.widow Michael , r.residence 915 O'Fallon
Pheegley, George, r.residence 1435 Christy av.avenue
Phegeley, George, saloon , r.residence 810 n.north 18th
Phelan, Daniel, cigars and tobacco , 706 n.north 5th, r.residence
es.east side 22d, bet.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Phelan, Daniel, dep. clerk , criminal conrt, r.residence 916
n.north 22d
Phelan, Edward T.printer , MissouriDemocrat, ,
r.residence ns.north side Olive, bet.between 2d and 3d
Phelan, James, warehouseman , U.s.south warehouse,
r.residence 2430 Carr
Phelan, John, tinsmith , r.residence 712 O'Fallon
Phelan, John Aclerk , r.residence 906 n.north 22d
Phelan, John A.clerk , bds.boards 916 n.north 22d
Phelan, Martin H.cooper , al.alley bet.between 2d and 3d. Lo-
cust and Olive, r.residence ws.west side 7th, bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Phelan, Michael, cooper , r.residence 1410 n.north 7th
Phelan, Michael, nightwatchman , Plentere' house,
bds. aame
Phelan, Michael, salesman , C. B. Hubbell jr.junior &
Co. r.residence 1704 Morgan
Phelan, Morris, cooper , r.residence 1412 n.north 7th
Phelan, Nicholas, grocer , 2300 Carr, r.residence same
Phelan, Thomas, bookkeeper , Heeian & Lynch ,
bds.boards 921 n.north 10th
Phelan, Thomas, cooper , r.residence 1422 n.north 7th
Phelan, William, r.residence 906 n.north 22d
Pheteti, Corneiius, teamster , r.residence 1702 Morgan
Phelen, Thomas, clerk , r.residence 1702 Morgan
Phelon, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence 805 s.south Main
Phelps, George J.printer , St. Louis Printing Co.company
r.residence 2301 Carr
Phelps, Jacob, riveramn , r.residence ws.west side 16th, bet.between Lucas
and Hebert
Pbeips, James O.bookkeeper , Welle & Manning,
bds.boards 2301 Carr
Pheuix Insurance Company of New York, Geo.
D.Capen, , agt.agent 401 n.north Main
Pheny, Mary. wid.widow Patrick, , r.residence rear 1215 n.north 9th
Phert, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence 220 Cherry
Philadelphia, Brewery, Anthony & Kuhn , proprs.
2616 Morgan
Philbin, Jane, wid.widow Patrick, , r.residence 2429 O'Fallon
Philbin, Patrick, gasatter , Siegel & Bobb , bds. St.
Louis house
Philbin, Thomas, tobbaccoroller , r.residence 2429 O'Fal-
Philbarmonic, Hall, AlexanderUre, , janitor ,
Washington av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner 4th
Philibert, Adolph(G.w.west Alexander & Co.,) , r.residence 115
Philibert, Adolph, tailor , bds.boards 1717 Franklin av.avenue
Phitibert, Benjamin(Philibert, Branconier &
Cole) , r.residence St. Charles, bet.between 17th and 18th
Philibert, Branconier &
Cole (BenjaminPhilibert, . DavidBranco-, and NelsonColeh, luraberdealers and
propre. Market Street planing mill, 1502 Mar-
ket, and 1631 Maiket
Phllibert, Edmund C.r.residence 817 n.north 9th
Philibert, Elizabeth, wid.widow AugustusB., r.residence rear 925
n.north 5th