Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Price, Julia, boardinghouse , 1020 n.north 6th, r.residence same
Price, Julius, bookkeeper , L.Paris, , r.residence 2901 Olive
Price, Louisa, wid.widow Edwin, , r.residence 620 Biddle
Price, Martha, wid.widow Sterling, , r.residence 11 s.south 16th
Price, Michael, plasterer, r.residence 2418 Wash
Price, Quintus, student , St. Louis university , r.residence 11
s.south 16th
Price, Robert, runner , Everett honse , bds.boards same
Price Sterling & Co.company (Edwin, w.west and Celsus
Price, ), com. mers.commission merchant 23 n.north Commercial
Price, William, riverman , r.residence 705 St. Charles
Price, William, tobacconist , ws.west side Rappahannock,
bet.between Michigan and Kansas av.avenue
Price, William C.lawyer , 2 n.north 4th, r.residence 2206 Scott
Price, William M.house and signpainter , 303 Lo-
cust, r.residence 1209 Morgan
Price, William M.tobacco mnfr. 602 and 604 n.north
2d, r.residence Michigan, sw.southwest cor.corner Rappahannock
Price, William r.residence bookkeeper , Tutt & Baker , r.residence
1702 Chesnut
Price, William w.west sec.secretary City Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
of St. Louis, and Salamander Mutual Fire
Ins. of St. Louis , 4th. ne. cor. Olive, r.residence 313 n.north
Prichard, Willie r.residence supt.superintendant Waterworks , office, 4th,
se.southeast cor.corner Elm, r.residence 1814 Wash
Priche, William, baker , r.residence ns.north side Davis, bet.between 23d and
Pries, Albert, woodcarver , 502 s.south 4th, r.residence Plum, ne.northeast
cor.corner 4th
Priesinger, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1221 n.north 13th
Priesmeyer, August, mer. r.residence Grand av.avenue nr.near Lindell
Priesmeyer, Henry F.saltdealer , 1003 Carr
Priesmeyer, William, bricklayer , r.residence 1229 n.north 11th
Priest, George A.clerk , r.residence 911 n.north 16th
Priest, John G.(Belt & Priest) , r.residence 1003 Chouteau
Priest, Josiah e.east machinist, St. Louis Type Foun-
dry Co.company r.residence 913 n.north 16th
Priest, Williamn.north com. stocktrader , r.residence 809 Benton
Priester, Christoph, stock clerk , W. H. Benton &
Co. r.residence 1445 Jackson, ne.northwest cor.corner Barry
Priester, George, lab.laborer r3504 Broadway
Priester, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 3215 n.north 13th
Priester, Michael, saloon , 2010 Carondelet av.avenue
Priestersbeiek, John P.herbdoctor , r.residence 1113 Biddle
Prietto, Antonio, physician , 2310 n.north lOth, r.residence same
Prihmschuessel, Carl, wondsawer , r.residence 1916 Summer
Priman, Charles M.riverman , r.residence 922 Labeaume
Primau, Louis, r.residence 922 Labeaume
Primean, Joseph L.salesman , JosephNolte, , r.residence
909 Mound
Primm, Wilson, judge criminal court,
Court House , r.residence Carondelet
Primmer, Wilhelm, teamster , r.residence 1937 Closey
Primus, John, saloon , 5th. nw. cor. Wash, r.residence same
Prin, John s.south riverman , r.residence 2309 n.north 10th
Prin, Joseph, r.residence 2309 n.north 10th
Prince, David, stencilbrand cutter , 104
n.north 3d, r.residence 616 Elm
Prince, John P.(Prince & Kerby) , r.residence 2911 s.south 7th
Prince, John T.teacher , Washington university ,
r.residence 8 Targee
Prince, Kitty Mrs.1215 Morgan
Prince, Leland F.dentist , r.residence 2810 Gamble av.avenue
Prince, Louis, clerk , A. s.south Aloe, , r.residence 616 Elm
Prince, Louis M.furrier , 616 Elm, r.residence same
Prince, n.north B.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, , cor.corner 5th
Prince, William, lab.laborer bds.boards 1011 Market
Prince, & Kerby (John P.Prince, and
John w.west Kerby, ), com. and forwd.forwarding mere. 306
n.north Commercial
Prince, —, student , bds.boards 1224 Pine
Prindabel, John, lab.laborer r.residence as. Cass av.avenue bet.between 24th and
Pratte av.avenue
Prindiville, Daniel, foreman , J. e.east Oxley & Co.company
Prindiville, Morris, butcher , r.residence ws.west side Prairie av.avenue nr.near