Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Renvart, Henry, batcher . We. 924 Buchanan
Renz, Caspar, cigarmaker , JosephZimmerer, , bds.boards
1110 Park av.avenue
Renz, Charles, showcase maker, Seidel & Wiakler,
r.residence 626 Market
Renz, Christian, lab.laborer r.residence 1109 Salisbury
Renz, Emildriver , bds.boards 816s.south 2d
Renz, Frederick, stoves and tin ware,
212 Market,r.residence 213 Market
Renz, Jacob, tinner , 2626 Market, r.residence same
Renz, Joseph, sawyer , James M.Patterson,
Rensi, Joseph, tinsmith , r1817 Randolph
Reomey, Andrew, lab.laborer bds.boards 1011 Market
Reoresnized, Church of Latter Day Saints, Broad
way, junction 7th. over Mound market
Repeto, George, saloon, 7 n.north Levee, r.residence 722 Vine
Repking, Johann H.teamster , r.residence 1938 Rosatti
Repling, Louis, fruiterer , r.residence 614 n. 5th
Reppe, Charles r.residence stamper , Niedringbaue & Bros.
r.residence 910 Franklin av.avenue
Repper, John, paver , r.residence 521 Lami
Reppell, Victor, blacksmith , T.Saiorgne, .r.residence 2003
Franklin av.avenue
Repper, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence es. Carondelet av.avenue bet.between
Barton and Victor
Rens, August, shoemaker , r.residence 1929 Carr
Bepublic Insurance Co.company of New York, Clinton B.
Fiek & Co.company agts.agents 203 n.north 3d
Requa, Thomas, riverman , r.residence 1914 n.north 14th
Rench, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 412 Lafayette
Rese, Henry, moulder , r.residence 1407 Benton
Reservoir , bet.between 17th and 18th, Waterworks and
and Green
Reservoir, Market, 2518 n.north 18th
Restaurant de Paris , Pierre Lambert & Layton .
proprs. 18 s.south 5th
Restaurant, Porcher, E, Porcker & Co.company proprs ,
Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner 9th
Reston, William L.musicteacher , r.residence 1911 n.north 11th
Retcbach, Joseph A.teamster , r2119 n. 14th
Retger, Adolph, huckster , r.residence 1122 n.north 13th
Rethorn, Henry, clerk , FrederickDickroger, , bds.boards
1905 O'Fallon
Rethwilm, Edward F.drygoods and clothing,526
Franklin av.avenue
Rethwilm, William, clerk , e.east F.Bethwilm, . r.residence 526
Franklin av.avenue
Retican, Catharine, wid.widow John, , r.residence 815 n.north 8th
Relter, Charles, watchmnker and jeweler , 1613
Franklin avavenue r.residence same
Retter, John, lab.laborer r.residence Wyoming, ne.northwest cor.corner Minne
sota av.avenue
Retter, Joseph, baker , AbeKline, , bds.boards rear 1206
n.north 12th
Retter, Phillip, lab.laborer r.residence Wyoming, ne.northwest cor.corner Minne
sota av.avenue
Retting, George, lab.laborer r.residence 524 Picotte
Reub, Uriah, carpenter , 21s 11th, r.residence 11th ne.northeast cor.corner
Reubentahl, Gustavus, tobacconist , r.residence rear 916 n.north
Rendey, Hughes, lab.laborer r.residence 517 Anna
Reuni, Churles. cabinetmaker , JosephBernard, , r.residence
2311 Franklin av.avenue
Reunter, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 2017 Franklin av.avenue
Reuss, Charles C.bookkeeper , F.A. Reuse & Co.company
r.residence Walnut, ne.northeast cor.corner Main
Renss, Ferdinand A (F.A. Reuss & Co.company )
Reuss F.A. &Co.company (Ferdinand A.Reuss,
and Georgs H.Braun, ), flour and com. mers.commission merchant
120 and 122s.south Main
Renter, Bernhard, teamster , r.residence 2628 Carondelet av.avenue
Renter, Cecilia, widwidow Fmnr, r.residence 2001 State
Reuter, Charles, barkeeper . John r.residence Paykeo, , bds.boards
610 n.north 3d
Reuter, Charles, cigarmaker , bds.boards 1410 Carende
let av.avenue
Reuter, Churles, clerk , bds.boards 1617 Carondelet av.avenue
Reuter, Charles J. saloon. 1025 Market, r.residence same
Reuter, Fritz, eigarpacker , bds.boards 719s.south Main
Renter, Herrmanu, teamster , r.residence 618 Geyer av.avenue