Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Robinson, B. n.north gen.general baggagemaster , P.r.residence r.residence r.m
1208 Randolph
Robinson, Emilywid.widow Norton, , r.residence 1208 Randolph
Robinson, EmilyMrs.boardinghouse , 1212 Olive,
r.residence same
Robinson, EvaMrs.r.residence 1515 s.south 7th
Rabinson, Francis (col'd), barber , r.residence 1210 Ran-
Rabinson, George, butcher , John, Robinson, r.residence Gra-
vois rd.road
Robison, George, clerk , Robert, Tobin, bds.boards 1620
Robinson, George, painter , G. G.Matthews,
Robinson, George r.residence com.mer.merchants and agt.agent Liverpool
and London and Globe Life and Fire Ins.Co.company
303 n.north Levee and 304 n.north Commercial, r.residence La-
ciede Station.P.r.residence r.residence
Robinson, George r.residence moulder , r.residence 2321 Cozens
Robinson, George w.west riverman , r.residence 706 Carr
Robinson, Gifford s.south teacher. Washington universi-
ty, r.residence 915 . 16th
Robinson, Gordon, r.residence 1423 n.north 7th
Robinson, G. n.north riverman , bds.boards 515 Market
Robinson, Henry (col'd), porter , Allen, Copp &
Robinson, Jacob G.shoemaker , John, Baner,
r.residence 202 O'Fallon
Robinson, James (col'd). barber , Walter West, r.residence
16th, ne.northeast cor.corner Morgan
Robinson, James A.salesman , J.G. Green & Co.company
r.residence 1212 Olive
Robinson, James C.carpenter. Z.T. Knott.bds.boards
9 s.south 16th
Robinson, James e.east drayman , City Tobacco ware-
house, bds.boards 21 Centre
Robinson, James P.carpenter , 1505 Morgan, r.residence
2816 Olive
Robinson, James w.west shoemaker , r.residence 202 O'Fallon
Robinson, James Y.machinist , r.residence ws.west side Valley av.avenue
bet.between Manchester rd.road and Laclede av.avenue
Robinson, Jeremiah B.boardinghouse , r.residence 3220
Robinson, John, butcher , r.residence Gravois rd, nr. Grand
Robinson, John, clerk , bds.boards 60S Washington av.avenue
Robinson, John, foreman , Lafayette Foundry
Robinson, John, hostler , bds.boards 3612 Broadway
Robinson, John, miller , bds.boards 1320 Broadway
Robinson, John H.plasterer , r.residence 1027 n.north 11th
Robinson, John w.west sup. City Tobacco warehouse.
11th, bet.between Market and Chesnut, r.residence 21 Centre
Robinson, Joseph, clerk , Mississippi Valley Trans.
Co.company r.residence Summit, nr.near High
Robinson, Joseph D.messenger , Missouri Benevo-
lent and Loan association , r.residence 412 s.south 14th
Robinson, Lucius, salesman , bds.boards Mound City
Robinson, L. M.Mrs.r.residence 1511 Pine
Robinson, Margaret M.wid.widow Robert , r.residence 910 Mont-
Robinson, Mary AnnMrs.r.residence al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th,
Market and Chesnut
Robinson, Mary J.Mrs.(Mrs. Anna Beattie &
Robinson) , r, 816 Pine
Robinson, Nancy Miss, saloon , 700 Morgan, r.residence
Robinson, Philip, moulder , Lafsyette Foundry
Robinson, P. C.physician , 800 Locust
Robinson, Richard, tobacconist , r.residence 1332 n.north 13th
Robinson, Robert, clerk , r.residence 1327 Pine
Robinson, Robert, machinist , bds.boards 519 st.street Charles
Robinson, Robert P.collector , Keokuk Packet Co
Robinson, Thomas, clerk , r.residence 1227 Olive
Robinson, Thomas, shoemaker , William, Anderson,
r.residence 20th. cor.corner Franklin av.avenue
Robinson, William, cooper , as, Rutgers, bet.between Co-
lumbus and Mam , r.residence same
Robinson, Williams, mer. tailor , 119 Walnut, bdsboards ,
1345 n.north 17th
Robinson, William, phrenologist , 215 Olive, r.residence 702
n.north 7th