Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Robinson, William, salesman , r.residence 816 Pine
Robinson, William, salesman , Channcey, I.Filley,
r.residence ws.west side 6th. betbetween Olive and Pine
Robinson, William A.mer. tailor , 119 Walnut, r.residence
1349 17th
Robinson, William J.pressman , r.residence 423 Green
Robinson, William s.south gas and steam fitting , 2505
Broadway.r.residence 2505 n.north 10th
Robinson, William T.clerk , bd. 21 Centre
Robinaon, Wlllwro w.west salesman , Sipple, Crow &
Co.company bds.boards Olive Street hotel
Robinson, w.westconductor , Bellefontaine city rail-
way, r.residence Montgomery, betbetween , 9th and 10th
Robinson, w.west w.west broker , 310 Olive, bds.boards Everett
Robinson & Parsons (B.H.Robinson, and H.H.
Parsons, ), chiropodist. 215 n.north 4th
Robirde, George w.west sec, Western Boatman's Bene-
volent association , Walnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d, r.residence 1004
Robirds, G. w.west pilot , Western Boatman's benevo-
lent association , Chestnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d.
Robirds, Newman, r.residence 1524 Wash
Robirds, Oby.engineer , r.residence 1219 Franklin av.avenue
Robirds, William, r.residence 1219 Franklin av.avenue
Robirds, William A.conductor , People's city rail-
way r.residence 1506 Singleton
Robirds, William C.pilot , r.residence 1524 Wash
Robinson, AliceMrs.r.residence 739 s.south Main
Robinson, Benjamin, moulder , bds.boards 2030 Franklin
Robison, Benjamin F.r.residence al.alley ne.northwest cor.corner Chambers, bet.between
13th and 14th
Robison, Catherine M.wid.widow William, G.r.residence 1015 n.north
Robinson, James P.(Robinson & McClaren) , r.residence 2816
Robison, William, lab.laborer r.residence 807 s.south Main
Robison, William s.south bookkeeper , Robison &
McClaren , r.residence 2816 Olive
Robison & McClaren (James, P.Robison and
James, H.McClaren), architects , 410 Olive
Robitzsch, Charles, tanner , r.residence 2423 DeKalb
Robling, Nicholas M.bartender. Schiller & Kruger ,
bds.boards 606 s.south 4th
Roblins, Edward w.west conductor , st.street Louis city
railway, r.residence 3611 Broadway
Robson, Thomas, clerk , Randle house, bds.boards same
Robust, Casper, teamster , r.residence es.east side 17th, bet.between Salis-
bury and Davis
Roby, Jennie, teacher. Lafayette school, r.residence 1315
n.north Market
Robyn, Ernest, clerk , H. Gildebaus & Co.company r.residence 1021
Robyn, John H.musieteacher , r1021 Alby
Robyn, Robert, collector , Traders bank, r.residence 1021
Robyn, William, musicteacher. r.residence 1618 Clark av.avenue
Rocco, Alexander, student , st.street Louis university
Roche, Boyce & McCabe (William
C.F.Roche, , Joseph, Boyee and Henry, McCabe), whol.wholesale dealers in tobacco, whisky and
cigars , 503 n.north 2d
Roche, George, upholsterer , r.residence and W.Mitchell, ,
r.residence es.east side 16th, bet.between Biddle and Carr
Roche, Henrv, carpenter , r.residence 1403 O'Fallon
Roche, Jane, wid.widow James, , r.residence 1122 n.north 16th
Roche, Jennie, asst.assistant cash. Pettes & Leathe , r.residence
1213 Pine
Roche, Louis, lab.laborer Walter, Riehl, r.residence 2001 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Roche, Michael.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1222 n.north 14th