Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
RocheR. L , H.printer , P., M.Pinckard, r.residence 16th,
bet.between Biddle and Carr
Roche, Susan, wid.widow David, D.r.residence 1913 Broadway
Roche, William, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Argyle av.avenue bet.between Small
and Clarke ay.
Roche, William, porter. Archer Hamill & Co.company r.residence
ws. Channing av. nr. Market
Roche, William O.F.(Roche, Boyce & McCabe) ,
t. 5 s.south 16th
Roche, William H.bookkeeper. Young Bros. &
Co.company bds.boards 14th, se.southeast cor.corner Pine
Roche, William H.woodturner , John, Gass, bds.boards n.north
16th, bet.between Biddle and Carr
Roche, , see also Roach, and Roache,
Rochford, Isadore(MoGuire & Rochford) , r.residence 1326
n.north 12th
Rochford, James, engineer , r.residence al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th,
Biddle and O'Fallon-
Rochford, Julia.wid.widow Thomas, , r.residence es.east side al.alley be. Bid-
dle and O'Fallon, 9th and 10th
Rochford, , Miles, , porter , r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th
Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Rochow, Charles, policeman. 3d. district
Rock, Augusta, wid.widow Phillip, , boardinghouse, 620
Park av.avenue r.residence same
Rock, Daniel, lab.laborer r.residence Emma.nr.near Sidney
Rock, George P.potter. D.H.Lackman, , 620 Park
Rock, Peter, wagonmaker , es.east side Bellefontaine rd.road
nr.near Bryan av.avenue r.residence same
Rock, William, r.residence rear 1514 Jackson
Rockel, Gustavus, clerk , r.residence ss.south side Sidney, bet.between Ca-
rondelet av.avenue and 7th
Rockenbauch, Michael.Peddler , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between
wash and Carr, 8th and 9th
Rockerby, J. H.printer , st.street Louis Times, r.residence 606
Rocket, Patrick, drayman , Sligo Iron store, r.residence
1007 n.north 12th
Rocklage, Frank, plasterer , r.residence 1611 Monroe
Rocklage, Henry, carpenter , r, 1613 Monroe
Rocklar, Henry, leadmlll workman , r.residence 808 O'Fal-
Rocktman, Shepard, pilot , r.residence as. Salisbury, bet.between
14th and 15th
Rockschmidt, Herman, teamster , r.residence 1918 Ham-
Rockwell, Daniel B.carpenter , 1921 Hamtramck,
r.residence same
Rockwell, Ferry, salesman , Buskett & Hanna ,
bds.boards Olive Street hotel
Rockwell, Fletcher w.west sec.
Southern White Lead and Color Works, bds.boards
906 Loenst
Rockwell, J. w.west bds.boards st.street Clair hotel
Rockwell, Matilda L.Mrs.asst.assistant teacher , Eliot
branch school, bdsboards , 113 s.south 8th
Rockwood, Thomas H.(Foster & Rockwood) , r.residence
318 n.north 2d
Roda, J.D, r.residence 1109 Geyer av.avenue
Rodda, Thomas, furnituredealer , 906 n.north 7th, r.residence
Roddech, Andrew, milkman , r.residence es.east side Prairie av.avenue bet.between
Clara and Ohio av.avenue
Roddy, Catharine, wid.widow James, , r.residence 712 n.north 12th
Roddy, James, tobacco and cigars , 422 Washing-
ton av.avenue r.residence same
Roddy, Patrick, salesman , 422 Washington av.avenue r.residence
Morgan, bet.between 16th and 17th
Roddy, Williammoulder , Etna Iron works, r.residence 915
Rode, August(A. Rode & Co) , r.residence 2123 n.north 13th
Rode A. & Co.company (August, Rode and John, D.Stig-). grocers and com. mers.commission merchant 1010 Broadway
Rodean, David, plumber , r.residence 2310 Pine
Rddefld, Charlotte, wid.widow Henry, , r.residence 1105 n.north 9th
Rodefeld, William, clerk . A. Reipsehlaeger & Co.company
r.residence ns.north side Madison, bet.between 15th and 16th
Rodefelt, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 1514 North Market
Rodel, Catharine, midwife , r.residence Arsenal, , se. cor,
Grovios rd.road
Rodel, Charles, butcher , bds.boards 749 s.south 2d
Rodel, Emil G.teller , Home Savings bank, r.residence 110
Rodel, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence Arsenal, se.southeast cor.corner Gravois
Rodely, James, nurse , U. s.United States Marine hospital. Ma-
rine av.avenue r.residence same
Roden, Catharine, wid.widow Thomas, , r.residence 2602 Columbus
Roden, David, plumber , 412 Locust, r.residence 23d, cor.corner
Roden, John, painter , George Peiseh & Bro. r.residence Sa-
rah, ne.northeast cor.corner Pratte av.avenue
Rodeo, Joseph, clerk. Patrick, Roden,r.residence 713 Biddle
Ruden, Patrick, grocer. 713 Biddle, r.residence same
Rodenberg, Christian, lab.laborer bds.boards 2602 DeKalb
Rodenbouglt, Daniel, clerk , T.H.Morgan, , r.residence 906
Rodenburger, M. C.stonecutter , Reinhold & Fol-
lenisa , bds.boards Gratiot, se. cor, 6th
Rodener, Christian, lab , r.residence Penrose av.avenue bet.between Broad-
way and 10th
Rodener, William, teamster , r.residence Penrose av.avenue bet.between
Broadway and 10th
Roder, Charles, blacksmith , bds.boards 701 Franklin av.avenue
Roder, John, shoemaker , r1607 Wash
Rodert, John F.draymau , r.residence 1305 Monroe
Rodey, —.lab.laborer r.residence rear 2320 Gass av.avenue
Rodge, William.lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Columbus and
DeKalb, Sidney and Anna
Rodgers, Ann.widwidow Peter, , r.residence 1122 n.north 8th
Rodgers, Charles, riverman , r.residence 1013 n.north 12th
Rodgers, Francis M.wid.widow James, A.r.residence Shenan-
doah. se.southeast cor.corner Michigan
Rodgere, George, r.residence 1424 Washington av.avenue
Rodgers, John, carpenter. r.residence 1912 n.north 11th
Rodgers, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 1328 n.north I4th
Rodgere, J. F.bds.boards Planters' house
Rodgers, Leven C.brickmaker , r.residence 2638 Adams
Rodgers, Matthew, lab.laborer r.residence 1519 Salisbury
Rodgers, Michaellab.laborer r.residence 941 Collins
Rodgers, Newton, brickmaker , r.residence 2711 Thomas
Rodgers, r.residencedriver. Bellefontaine city railway,
r.residence 2820 n.north 11th
Rodgers, Thomas B.claimagent , 9 n.north 5th, r.residence 1118
Rodgers, , see also Rogers,
Rodghridge, Catharine, wid.widow Robert , r.residence 1417 Chris-
ty av.avenue
Rodher, Jacob, shoemaker , Friedrich, Conrad, r.residence
Carr, se.southeast cor.corner 23d
Rodiky, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence 1224 n.north 22d
Rodney, Henry, waiter. Laclede hotel, bds.boards same
Rodolph, Gustave, blacksmith. r.residence 920 Buchanan.
Rodrigues, Raymond, saloon. Market, ne.northwest cor.corner 6th,
r.residence Washington av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner lltb
Rodtmann, Henry, porter , r.residence 1904 Division
Roddy, Henry, firemen , Laclede hotel, bds.boards same
Roe, John J.pres.president United States Ins.Co.company
of St. Louis , 224 n.north Main, r.residence Compton Hill
Roe, John J.(John J. Roe & Co.company ) , r.residence Lafayette av.avenue
nr.near Grand av.avenue
Roe John J. & Co.company (John, G.Copeland), porkhouse, 219
Roe, J. r.residence bds.boards st.street Clair hotel
Roe, Patrick, policeman , r.residence 907 Biddle
Roe, Thomas, riggingmaker , r.residence rear 1224 n.north 14th
Roe, William, engineer , r.residence 1512 12th
Roebe, Henry, teamster , r.residence Barsaloux, bet.between Sidney
and Lynch
Roeber, Wilhelm, clerk , bds.boards 1825 s.south 7th
Roebken, Fred, wagoumaker , bds.boards 823 n.north 8th