Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Scott, William, theatrical agt.agent bds.boards 618 Elm
Scott, William A.moulder , r.residence McNair av.avenue bet.between Ann
and Hussell avs.avenues
Scott, William A.real estate agt.agent r.residence 1122 s.south 13th
Scott, William C. (Scott & Bro. ), r.residence 1320 Olive
Scost, William C.clerk , n.north J. Calhonn & Co.company r.residence
1238 Spruce
Scott, William D, (Scott & Son ), bds.boards 1127 Ches-
Scott, William L.bookkeeper , e.east H. Whedon &
Son , r.residence 2932 Locust
Scott, William P.com.mer.merchants r.residence 1320 Olive
Scott, William P. (William P. Scott & Co.company ). r.residence 1012
Scott William P. & Co.company (William P.Scott, , An- J.Dreas, , Charles A.McConkin, and
John V.Harbangh, ), mofrs. and whol.wholesale deal-
ers in boots and shoes, 316 n.north Main
Scott, William s.south cooper , Union cooperage, r.residence
4205 n.north 2d
Scott, w.west B.paymaster , U.s.south A.600 n.north 4th, r.residence
Scott & Bro. (Clingan, and William C.
Scott, ), com. and forwd.forwarding mers.merchants 9 Locust
Scott & Mellier (John G.Soott, and
A. ArmadieMellier, ), whol.wholesale druggists , 600 n.north
Scott & Sow (Eli, D. and William D.Scott, ),
whol.wholesale grocers , 508 n.north 2d
Scriber, Philip, shoemaker , r.residence 823 Clark av.avenue
Scroge, Charles, sawmill , r.residence 819 Destrehan
Scrnggs, Charles 0.salesman , Vandervoort, Mc-
Clelland & Co.company r.residence 1301 Chouteau av.avenue
Scruggs, Justus A. (Vandervoort. McClelland &
Co.company ), r.residence Chouteau av.avenue cor.corner 13th
Scruggs, Richard M. (Vandervoort, McClelland &
Co.company ), r.residence 13th, cor.corner Chontean av.avenue
Scudder, e.east G.traveling agt.agent Brookntine & Ran-
kin , bds.boards Baraum's hotel
Scudder, John A.sec.secretary Memphis and St. Louis
Packet Co.company wharfbOat, foot of Pine, r.residence coun-
Scudder, Oscar P.engineer steam engine, Gen., . r.residence 805 w.west Mound
Scudder, Rhodin H. (Lehmann & Scndder ), r.residence ss.south side
Lucas place, bet.between 15th and 16th
Scudder, William A.clerk . 2d National bank, r.residence
2726 Olive
Scufert, John, meatstore, 1112 Park av.avenue r.residence same
Sculley Mark, r.residence 210 s.south 5th
Sculley, Patrick, carpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between O'Fallon
and Caso, 8th and 9th
Scully, David (Lidwell & Scully ), r.residence 304 s.south 8tb
Scully, Felix, umbrella repairer , r.residence 1028 n.north 13th
Scully, F.conductor , Bellefontaine city railway,
r.residence 2809 n,north 10th
Scully, George, veterinary surgeon , r.residence 717 n.north 15th
Scully, James, lab.laborer r, ns.north side Warren, bet.between 20th and
ScullyJohanna Mrs,r.residence 1909 Randolph
Scully, John, lab.laborer r, 1926 Carondelet av.avenue
Scully, Patrick, helper , J.e.east Oxley & Co .
Scullard, Patrick, porter , r.residence 1116 Wash
Scully, Peter, lab.laborer w.west n.north Macqueen, , r.residence Spruce, bet.between
Levee and Main
Scully, Richard, drayman , r.residence 2113 n.north 16th
Scully, Terrenec, real estate agt.agent r.residence 1401 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Score, Martha, wid.widow John, , r.residence 613 Wash
Scure, William J.shoemaker , r.residence 613 Wash
Seabeck, Albert, painter . Industrial Plow Mofg.
Co.company temp av.avenue cor.corner Utah