Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Smith, Eugene r.residence physician , r.residence 1105 Chesnut
Smith, Eustace, bds.boards 2116 Clark av.avenue
Smith, Eustace H.speculator . 16 s.south 5th
Smith, e.eaststudent , Bryant. Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Smith, e.east F.physician . 107 n.north 13th, r.residence same
Smith, e.east H.pilot , Western Bontmens' benevolent
association, Chesnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d
Smith, e.east L.physician , member Board of Health,
r.residence ws.west side 13th. bet.between Market and Chesnut
Smith, e.east M.clerk , Curtis & Co.company r.residence 1229 e.east 3d
Smith, Francis, porter , Carter & Conn , r.residence es.east side 16th,
bet.between Morgan and Christy av.avenue
Smith, Francis C.machinist , r.residence 1231 Olive
Smith, Frank, riverman , bds.boards 12 Morgan
Smith, Frank D.plasterer and whitener , 521 Elm
Smith, Franz, lab.laborer 1709 Menard
Smith, Fred. e.east clerk . Billings & Co.company
Smith, Fred. H.clerk , bda. 414 St. Charles
Smith, Frederick(F. Smith & Co.company ) , r.residence 713 s.south 5th
Smith, Frederick, blacksmith , Union Car Works
and Railway Foundry Co.company r.residence 1519 Webster
Smith, Frederick, engineer , r,residence 716 Soulard
Smith, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence rear 915 Buchanan
Smith, Frederick, porter , 1512 s.south 9th
Smith, Frederickr.residence 816 n.north 8th
Smith, Frederick, riverman , r.residence 1212 s.south 9th
Smith, Frederick, shoemaker , r.residence ws.west side 18th bet.between
O'Fallon and Davis
Smith, Frederick, steward , r.residence es.east side Missouri av.avenue bet.between
Potomac and Miami
Smith, French w.west (F.w.west Smith & Co.company ) , r.residence 2005
Christy av.avenue
Smith, F. C.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Smith F.w.west & Co.company (French w.west Smith, and Frank
w.west Lamb, ), proprs. Laclede warehouse, 407
and 409 s.south Main
Smith F. & Co.company (FrederickSmith, and G. D.Ad-, ), grocers, wines and liquors , 210 s.south
Smith, George, carpenter , r,residence 1811 Franklin av.avenue
Smith, George, teamster , r.residence rear 3316 n 12th
Smith, George B.eilverplater , Wm.Sbidy, , bds.boards
713 St. Charles
Smith, George D.blacksmith , Penrose av.avenue bet.between
Broadway and 10th
Smith, George e.east lawyer , 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Smith, George H.clerk , r.residence 307 n.north 15th
Smith, George Melville, lawyer , 121 n.north 3d, sw.southwest
cor.corner Pine. r.residence 5th, se.southeast cor.corner Myrtle
Smith, George M.riverman , bds.boards Mechanics' ex-
Smith, George w.west (G.w.west Smith & Co.company ) . r.residence 412 Pine
Smith, George w.west r.residence 2825 Pacific
Smith, George w.west compositor , St. Louis Dispatch,
r.residence 1421 Chambers
Smith, George w.west riverman , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Biddle
and O'Fallon, 8th and 9th
Smith, George w.west (col'd)wood and coalyard ,
1011 n.north 7th. r.residence 2127 n.north 20th
Smith G.w.west & Co.company (George w.west Smith, and
n.north D.Randall, ), publishers , Commercial Bul-
letin. 416 Pine
Smith, Hamilton(Smith & Miller) , bds.boards Southern
Smith, Harriet Mrs.notions, 1703 Broadway, r.residence
ns.north side Howard, bet.between Broadway and 8th
Smith, Harry n.north cigarmaker , RudolphScfcott-, , r.residence 2507 n.north 10th
Smith, Helen H. Miss, teacher , Clayschool, r.residence l231