Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Snicker, Henry, porter . Niese, Knoblauch & Ho.
Sptckermuo, Bernard H.drygoods . 838 a Mar-
Spieknuunn, Henry, cabinetmaker , FrederickHer-, , r.residence 2308 n.north 2d
Spieek, Heinrich, cooper. 16h.bet.between Cass
av.avenue and tfnllanpby
Bpieckerrnuin, Bernard H.porter , r.residence 2205 n.north 9th
Spiegelberg, Victor, olerk , SolomonLodeker, , r.residence
708 s.south 5th
Spieu-ihulter, . Joseph. physician , 918 n.north 5tb, r.residence
1507 Franklin av.avenue
Spickertnann, Bernard, huckster . 39 Sturgeon mar-
ket, r.residence n.north 9lh
Spiekcrmann, Henry, mason , r.residence rear 1113 a.3d
Spislger, Ferdinand, blacksmith , r.residence 351S n.north 10th
Spielker, Peter. lab.laborer rear 1420 Cbambera
Spielker, Peter, woodyard , 14th, nw. cor, Cham-
bers, r.residence same
Spielker, Peter H.teamster , r.residence 1411 Chambers
Spielman, Henry J.riverman , r.residence 2013 n.north 13th
Sptelman, John e.east shipcarpenler . r.residence 2020 n.north 9th
Spielman, Theodore s.south aaat. bookkeeper , asst.assistant U.
S. Treas bds.boards 922 Locust
Spielman, Thamns, shipcarpenter , r.residence 2020 n,north 9th
Splerlng, Ernst, professor of mosie , room No. 2
312 n.north 3d, r.residence 812 Hickory
Spies, August, saddler , r.residence Penrose av. bet Broad-
way and 10th
Spies, Ferdinand, lab.laborer r.residence 416 Carroll
Spies, Frederick, lawyer , 122 n.north 3d.
cor.corner Pine, r.residence 1109 Piue
Spies, Fritz, blacksmith , r.residence Penrose av.avenue bet.between
Broadway and 10th
Spies, Jacob, carriagepainter , r.residence 1440 Columbus
Spies, Louis, ins, agt r.residence as. Arsenal, betbetween Lemp
and Wisconsin av.avenue
Soiler, Guetavu*. lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side North Market.se.southeast cor.corner
Spilker, Anna Mrs.midwife , r.residence 24 a. 17th
Spilker, Arthur, r.residence 1627 s.south 7th
Spilker, August, r.residence 24 s.south 7th
Spilker, P. w.west clerk , St Louis Transfer Co.company r.residence
1014 n.north 14th
Spilker, Gotlicb, lab.laborer r.residence 1110 Angelrodt
Spilker, Peter, palmer , AllenSinclair, , bds.boards 1323
Spilker, William(Spilker A Sides) , r.residence 2033 Olive
Spilker, Ssaeuarias, lab.laborer r.residence 1323 Mallinckrodt
Spilker A Sides (WilliamSpilker, and Samuel
Sidss, ), confectioners , 1208 Olive
Bpillelt, Jgha(Rplllett A Jemmett) , r.residence 1820 Conde
Spillctt A Jemmett (JulmSpillctt, and William
Jemmett, ), plasterers , 704 St. Charles
Spindler, Frederick, bollermaker , r.residence rear 1122 n.north
Spindler, John, engineer , r.residence 22 s.south Moore
Spindler, Joseph, teamster , r,residence 2610 Franklin av.avenue
Spindler, Leonard, lab.laborer r.residence 2905 ns.north side Chouteau av.avenue
Spink, William, operator , w.west n.north telegraph office
Spfnkmeyer, , Rudolph, , carpenter , r.residence 2407 n.north Uth
Spinner, Andreas, carpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Columbus
and Jackson. Emmet and Lesperance
Spinner, August G.saloon , 401 s.south 2d, r.residence same
Spionev, William K.bookkeeper , Hayden, Wil-
sons & Allen , r.residence 1013 n.north 25th
Spinning, John H.jr.junior salesman . H. B. Graham &
Bro. r.residence 900 Locust
Spintler, Catharine, wid,widow Adam, , r.residence rear 1015 n.north
Spinzig, Charles, physician , r.residence 1300 a, 5th
Spiro, Michael(H.'Schlesinger A Co.) , r.residence 1527
Franklin av.avenue
Spilt, Valentine, saloon , 2901 s.south Carondelet av.avenue r.residence
Spiteer, Henry, boots and shoes , 706 n,north 4th, r.residence 600
Spitzer, Henry, secondhand furniture dealer , r.residence
1114 n.north 6th
Spltifaden, Adolph, (Spitzfaden & Co.) , r.residence 1718
s.south 7th