Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Stock, John H.r.residence ss.south side Lindell av.avenue nr.near Grand av.avenue
Stock, Joseph A.carpenter , r.residence 1428 Chambers
Stock, Stephen, r.residence 1411 Fulton
Stock, Vincent, cigars and tobacco , 1527 Caron-
delet av.avenue r.residence same
Stockamp, Wilhelm, lab.laborer r.residence Gravois rd.road bet.between Mc-
Nair av.avenue and Victor
Stockardt, Elizabeth, wid.widow Louis, , r.residence 1202 Geyer av.avenue
Stocke, Jacob, gardener , r.residence 275 Geyer av.avenue
Stocke, Valentine, propr. Star mills, 2209 Ceron-
delet av.avenue r.residence 2204 s.south 7th
Stocker, Anton, boot and shoemaker , John H.
Schneeberger., r.residence 1402 s.south 2d
Stocker, Caroline, wid.widow Franz, , r.residence rear 1838 Decatur
Stocker, Sophie, wid.widow Caspar, , r.residence 1107 Geyer av.avenue
Stocker, William H.cooper , r.residence 921 w.west Brooklyn
Stocker, —, r.residence 1223 s.south Armstrong av.avenue
Stockhammer, John, lab.laborer bds.boards 1242 s.south 2d
Stockhausener, Louis, barkeeper , r.residence 708 Barry
Stackhoff, H. H.ins.agt.agent r.residence 1128 n.north 20th
Stockhov, Gerhard H.cigarmaker. r.residence 922 Biddle
Stockinger, Adam, butcher , r.residence al.alley bet.between DeKalb and
Kosciusko, Picotte and Lesperance
Stockingham, Joseph, blacksmith , r.residence 4102 n.north 10th
Stocklausner, Edward, barkeeper , r.residence 723 Marion
Stocklausner, Ignatz, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Webster av.avenue
and Magazine
Stockman, August, grocer , 1813 Biddle. r.residence same
Stockmeyer, William, grocer , 4100 Kossuth, r.residence
Stocksick, Frederick, painter , r.residence rear 1401 n.north 12th
Stocksick, Henry G.teacher , St. John's school, r.residence
1401 n.north 12th
Stockton, Edward, mate. r.residence 3613 n.north 10th
Stockton, Jemes A.clerk , H. Holmes & Co.company r.residence El-
Stockton, Kate, wid.widow George, , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Bid-
dle and Carr, 6th and 7th
Stockton, Robert H.salesman , Pratt, Fox & Co.company
bds.boards Olive Street hotel
Stockwell, John L.asst.assistant county assessor, r.residence ss.south side
Llndell av.avenue nr.near Grind av.avenue
Stoddard, A. s.south (C. Stoddard jr.junior & Co.) , r.residence 618
Stoddard, C.jr.junior (C. Stoddard jr.junior & Co.)
Stoddard C.jr.junior & Co.company (C., Stoddardjr.junior Arnold, S.
Stoddard, and John, Stoddard), com. mers.commission merchant 10
Stoddard High School , Rudolph, C. Arendt.prin.
Beaumont. sw.southwest cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Stoddard, James, miller , bds.boards 1440 Collins
Stoddard, James s.south teacher , r.residence 2319 Cozens
Stoddard, John(C. Stoddard, jr.junior & Co.)
Stoddard, Mary J.dressmaker , 2319 Cozens, r.residence
Stoddard, School, ss.south side Lucas av.avenue bet.between Leffingwell
and Ewing avs.avenues
Stoddard, Thomas A.cashier. Third National
bank 119 n.north 2d. bds.boards Southern hotel
Stodick, Charles, boxmaker , ns.north side Lucas nr.near 16th,
r.residence same
Stodola, Wenzel, cooper , r.residence rear 1706 Bosatti
Stoeber, George.r.residence 1340 . 2d
Stoeber, Henry, saloon. 1340 s.south 2d, r.residence name
Stoeck, George, student , Bryant, Stratton
& Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Stoeck, Henry, tailor , r.residence 804 Carr
Stoecke, Theodore, cabinetmaker. John H.Kop-, , bds.boards ws.west side 16th, bet.between Benton and North
Stoecker, Albert(Stoecker & Bro.) . r.residence ss.south side Vir-
ginia, bet.between Pratte av.avenue and La Motte