Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Johnson, Charles w.west printer , s.south Lauis Times, r.residence
516 Poplar
Johnson, Christina, wid.widow Benjamin, , r.residence 1st, ne.northwest cor.corner
Johnson, Clemens (eol'd), lab.laborer r.residence 1829 Columbus
Johnson, Dennis (col'd), janitor , r.residence Cozens, ne.northwest
cor.corner Pratte av.avenue
Johnson, Dennis M.engineer , r.residence 2606 Cooper
Johnson, D.moulder , Lafayette foundry
Johnson, Edward, carpenter , Industrial How
Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company Lemp av.avenue cor.corner Utah.r.residence es.east side Missouri
av.avenue bet.between Miami and Potomac
Johnson, Edward, clerk , bds.boards 3528 Broadway
Johnson, Edward B.entryclerk , a.F. Shapleigh
& Co.company r.residence 706 Pine
Johnson, Edward C.clerk , A. Johnson & Co.company bds.boards
2625 Pine
Johnson, Edward P.lawyer, and register In bank-
ruptcy, 318 Chesnut, bds.boards 29 s.south 15th
Johnson, Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker , 110 n.north 12th,
r.residence same
Johnson, Elizabeth, seamstress , r.residence es.east side 9th, betbetween
Chambers and Webster
Jobasoc, Elizabeth, wid.widow John, , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Pine
and Olive. 7th and 8th
Johnson, Eva Mrs.r.residence 1129 Locmrt
Johnson , G. C.wid,widow Johnw.west, r.residence 1904 Morgan
Johnson, Prank, lab.laborer r.residence 600 s.south 3d
Johnson, Fred, driver , bds,boards 1832 Market,
Johnson, Frits, hoteeehoer , John M.Gomes, , bds.boards
1313 Market
Johnson, F. (Crouch & Johnson ), r.residence 2102 Broad-
Johnson, Garrett, clerk , bds.boards 1211 Washington av.avenue
Johnson, George, collamaker , r.residence Factory row,
Johnson, George, lab.laborer Mg. 2347 Chootefto av.avenue
Johnson, George, physician , 1127 Locust, r.residence same
Johnson, George F.bookkeeper , Johnson & Saw-
yer , r.residence 1120 Locust
Johnson, George T.blacksmith , bds.boards Randle house
Johnson, Gerhard, milkman , r,residence ss.south side Davis, betbetween 21st
and 22d
Johnson, Henry, barkeeper , T. B.Howard, , r.residence Carr,
cor.corner 10th
Johnson, Henry, cigar mnfr.manufacturer bds.boards ns.north side Hebert, bet.between
22d and 23d
Johnson, Henry, clerk , bds.boards 1213 Grattan
Johnson, Henry, fancygoods , 807 n.north 3d, r.residence same
Johnson, Henry, lab, r.residence 1221 n.north 11th
Johnson, Henry, tailor , 505 Washington av.avenue bds.boards
6th, bet.between Chesnut and Pine
Johnson, Herman L.pliysician , 1207 Madison, r.residence
Johnson, Hermann, tailor , r.residence rear 1727 Fulton
Johnson, Horace s.south conductor , People's city rail-
way, r.residence rear 1562 Carondelet av.avenue
Johnson, Isadore, pilot , r.residence 1719 Carr
Johnson, Jacob, framemaker , Pettes & Leathe , r.residence
rear 1006 n.north 6th
Johnson, James, clerk , st.street Louis Book and News
Co.company r.residence 1004 n.north 2d
Johnson, James, fireman , Belcher's Sugar Refin-
ing Co.company r.residence 111 Bates
Johnson, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 111 Bates
Johnson, James e.east (James e.east Johnson & Co.company ), r.residence
4th, ne.northeast eor. Cbesnut
Johnson James e.east & Co, (James e.east Johnson, and
John P.Brisben, ), realestate brokess , 4th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Chesnut
Johnson, James F.physician , 409 Myrtle, r.residence