Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Knight, George, blacksmith , DanielKerwin, , r.residence
2703 n.north 9th
Knight, George, bookkeeper , r.residence 1418 n.north 8th
Knight, George A,tailor , Jourdain & Lunt , r.residence ws.west side
Ohio, ur Merrimac.
Kuight, George w.west J.clerk , Z.F. Wetzell & Co.company
r.residence 1418 n.north 8th
KnightIda, Mrs.milliner , C.Hummel, ,r,residence 9th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Montgomery
Knight, James, bartender , Mrs.AnnGarre, , bds.boards
603 n.north Levee
Knight, James K.lawyer , 3051/2 Olive, r.residence 5th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Myrtle
Knight, Jenkins, commercial sgt, r.residence 1329 n.north 11th
Knight, John, stonecutter , r.residence 1408.n.north 16th
Knight, John A.wood and coal yard and ice
uealer . 317 s.south 4th, r.residence 827 s.south 7th
Knight, Jiseph, plasterer , r.residence 406 u. 16th
Knight, Sally, wid.widow Join, , r.residence 1539 s.south 7th
Knight, Thomas, whitener . r.residence 1410 Gass av.avenue
Kniglit, William, blacksmith , Lafavette Foundry
Kuight, William, stoneeutter , r.residence 1408 n.north 16th
Knikmejer, August, carpenter , Belcher's Sugar
Rinning Co.company r.residence 1627 Warren
Kuipe, B. F.msrblecutter , Muldoon, Butlett &
Co. r,residence Morgan, bet.between l0th and 11th
Knipe, Francis, stonecutter , bds.boards 1027 Morgan
Knipe, John(J. Knipe & Co.) , bds.boards Everett house
Kniper J. & Co.company (JohnKnipe, and FrancisWitta-, ) gen, agts. 313 n.north 3d
Kniper, Herman, carpenter , r.residence 1319 Papin
Knipper, Adolph, architect , r.residence 811 Graliot
Knipper, C. J.salesman , Goodyear'n lndia Rub-
ber Glove Mnfg. Co.company r.residence 1006 s.south 7th
Knipper, C. T.salesman , Goodyear's lndia Rub-
ber Glove Mnfg. Co.company r.residence 1006 s, 7th
Knipper, Seraphine Mrs.dressmaker , r.residence 807 n.north 5th
Knipping, Ernest, cabinetmaker , JohnKuppel-, , r.residence 1825 n.north Market
Knipping, Louis, porter , Cupples & Marston , r.residence De-
Kalb, cor.corner Lesperance
Knipple, August, cigarmarker , r.residence Grand av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner
Natural Bridge rd.road
Knittel, John, barber , Michael, Heyer, bds.boards 1107
Knobbe, Albert, tailor , r.residence 306 Poplar
Knobbe, Wilbelm, brickmaker , r.residence 1903 Summer
Knobel, Edward, agt.agent ThomasAllen, , and cash.
Emigrant Savings institution , 2128 s.south 7th, r.residence
Knobel, Frank F.r.residence 510 s.south High
Knobel, Julius, bricklayer , r.residence rear 1433 Jackson
Knoblauch, Alois, riverman , r.residence rear 1010 s.south 2d
Knoblauch, Carl, blacksmith , r.residence 823 Soulard
Knoblauch, Charles(Niese, Knoblauch & Co.)
Knoblauch, Charles, blacksmith , r.residence 1251 s.south 3d
Knoblauch, Eve, wid.widow John, r.residence 1012 n.north 14th
Knoblauch, George H.cigarmaker , Charles F.
Kuoll, , r.residence 1012 n.north 14th
Knoblauch, John H.barber , PeterLoesch, , r.residence 1302
Franklin av.avenue
Knoblauch, Louis, cigarmaker , r.residence 1072 n.north 14th
Knoblauch, Shelly, blacksmith , Bxcelsior iron
works, r.residence 238 Soulard
Kuoblaus, Alfred M.tailor , as. Potomac, betbetween In-
diana and Jefferson avs.avenues r.residence same
Knuch, Gustav, barber , 504 Franklin av.avenue r.residence same
Kuoch, Jules, lab, r.residence Levee, bet.between Barry aud Marion
Knoche, George(Knoche & Rosswaag) , r.residence 2414
Franklin av.avenue
Kuoche & Rosswaag (GeorgeKnoche, and Charles
Rosswaag, ), tobacco mnfis. 2414 Franklin av.avenue
Knocher, Frederich, milkman , r.residence ws.west side Carondelet
av. bet Capitol ay. and Lemp
Knocke, Frederick, clerk , F. Cornet & Co.company r.residence 1000
Knoche, William, clerk , GeorgeSchierberg, , bds.boards
2722 n.north 9th
Knobel, George, stadent , academy of the Chris-
tian Brothers
Knoefer, Frank, teamster , r.residence 2117 n.north 19th
Knoepe, Frederick, driver , Merten & Helmkamp ,
bds.boards 1021 n.north 6tb
Knoerrer, Charles, tailor , JacobChrist, , r.residence no. Mar-
ket, bet.between 3d and 4th
Knoerzel, Gottfried, cooper , r.residence rear 811 Geyer ay,
Knoess, john, cooper , r.residence 1823 Carondelet av.avenue
Knoeas, Margaret Mrs.midwife . 1623 Carondelet
av.avenue r.residence 1623 Carondelet av.avenue
Knol, John G.lab.laborer bds.boards Oregon ay.cor.corner Juniata
Knoley, Edward, bds.boards 1126 n.north 2d
Knolhof, Louis, lab.laborer r.residence 1701 Biddle
Knolin, John, waiter , Planter's house
Knoll, Albert, riverman , r.residence 1014 s.south 2d
Knoll, Alexander, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1018 s.south 2d
Knoll, Augnst, porter , r.residence 1447 Columbus
Knoll, Bernard, tailor , John H.Tranel, . r.residence Biddle,
nw. cor, 11th
Knoll, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1006 s.south 2d
Knoll, Charles F.cigars and tobacco , 807 n,north 5th,
r.residence 918 Franklin. se.southeast cor.corner 10th
Knoll, Conrad, cooper , HenrySehaperkotter, , bds.boards
1304 n.north 12th
Knoll, Emil, bookkeeper , Bauer & Bohle , r.residence 1721
s.south 7th
Knoll, John, hostler , Union city railway
Knoll, John G.lab.laborer r.residence 2122 n.north 19th
Knoll, Joseph, woodsawer , r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton and
Decatnr, Lafayette and Geyer av.avenue
Knoll, Julius, riverman , r.residence 1127 s.south 3d
Knoll, Leonard, lab.laborer r.residence 419 Marion
Knoll, Leopold, butcher , r.residence rear 1008 s.south 2d
Knoll, Louis, lab.laborer r.residence rear 143 Convent
Knoll, Martin, lab.laborer r.residence rear 308 Convent
Knollanberg, Deiterich(Windhorst & Knollan-
berg) . r.residence 1231 North Market
Knolle, Gustav, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1244 s.south 5th
Knolle, Henry, hatter , 409 Franklin av.avenue r.residence same
Knolle, Leopold, lab.laborer r.residence 1538 Jackson
Knollhoff, Frank, lab.laborer Missouri spice mills, bds.boards
820 n.north 8th
Knollman, Henry, porter , Meyer & Meister , r.residence
1119 9th
Knolock, Eugene, porter , A.Michel, , r.residence 3d, ne.northwest
cor.corner Walnut
Knolton, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence Channing av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner
Manchester rd.road
Knomann, Jacob, butcher , r.residence 302 Anna
Knonrhe, Louis, blacksmitt , Francis, Ruedy, r.residence
Market, bet.between 14th and 15th
Knoop, Lambert, r.residence rear 2120 s.south 7th
Knop, Catharine, wid.widow Frederick, , seamstress , r.residence
3318 n.north 11th
Knopf, Lawrence, painter , r.residence 1430 Menard
Knopf, Nicolas, r.residence 1401 Jackson
Knopffer, Frederick, brewer , Lemp's brewery,
Cherokee, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Knople, Henry, miller , Kirchoff & Wibracht , bds.boards
Mechanics' hall
Knops, Gertraud, lab.laborer r.residence 2019 State
Knoss, William, barkeeper , CharlesGessert, , 1342
s.south 2d
Knost, Frederick, freightdeliverer , Adams Ex. Co.company
r.residence 1l08 n.north 9th
Knott, John, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side Argyle av.avenue bet.between Bernard
and Pacific av.avenue
Knott, Richard, student , St. Louis university, r.residence
9s.south 16th
Kaott, Zepbaniah T,carpenter , 104 s.south 8th, r.residence 9s.south
Knoth, Zephaniah T.jr.junior carpenter , r.residence 9 s.south 16th
Knottinerus, John G.grocer , 1532 Carondelet av.avenue
r.residence same