Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Thaw, Charlie, bookkeeper , 3d National bank, 119
n.north 2d, r.residence 15th, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
Thayer, Alvin e.east (Joseph Schiller & Co.company ) , bds.
Broadway hotel
Thayer, Amos M.lawyer , 12 n.north 4th, r.residence same
Thayer, FlorillaMrs.r.residence 705 n.north 3d
Thayer, Francis L.r.residence 1216 Madison
Thayer, George w.west papercarrier , r.residence 1256 Collins
Thayer, L. H.salesman , 716 s.south 8th
Thayer, Napooleon B.r.residence 1216 Madison
Thayer, Seth F.boots and shoes , 112 n.north 4th, bds.boards
Everett house
Thayer, Thomas B.(Claffin & Thayer) , r.residence Boston,
The Commercial Bank of St. Louis,
Edward M.Samuel, , pres.president J. w.west Donaldson, ,
cash. Olive, se.southeast cor.corner 2d
The Folsom Sewing Machine , w.west ClareAnder-, , agt.agent 410 St. Charles
The Great Western Fire In-
Surance Co.company of St. Louis , J. L.gar, , pres.president J. J.Montgomery, , sec.secretary 2d, sw.southwest
coor. Pine
The Guardian , JamesClements, , pub-
lisher , 14s.south 3d
The Lafflin Powder C. Joseph M.Boies, , pres.president S.
H.Laflin, , vice pres.president 218 n.north 2d
The Merchants' National Bank , Main, ne.northwest cor.corner
The Missouri Republican , daily,
triweekly and weekly, George Knapp & Co.company
directors , office, 111 and 113 Chesnut
The Saint Louis Mutual Life Insutrance Co.company D. A.
January, pres.president James H.Lucas, , vice pres.president
William T.Selhym, , sec.secretary William n.north Benton, ,
gen.general agt.agent 513 Olive
Thedick, Gehard, lab.laborer r.residence 1121 Marion
Thee, Henry, lab.laborer Missouri Spice Mills, bds.boards 820
n.north 8th
Theis, John, patternmaker , Kingslands & Fergu-
son , r.residence 2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Lombard
Theismann, A.Joseph, salesman , Barr, Duncan &
Co.company r.residence 1237 n 9th
Them, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 1630 Dodier
Theobald, John, shoemaker , r.residence 416 Marion
Theobold, Martin, peddler , r.residence McNair av.avenue bet.between Ann
and Russell avs.avenues
Theoboldt, George M.carpenter , 114 s.south 20th, r.residence
Thernerer, George, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Warren, bet.between
Pratte av.avenue and 21st
Thener, Alexander, translator , NeuerAnzeiger,
des Westens, r.residence 216 Market
Theuerkauf, August, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1919 Fulton
Theurer, David, lab.laborer r.residence es. McNair av.avenue nr.near Lyunch
Thias, Adelia, wid.widow John H.r.residence 220 s.south Main
Thias, August, teamster , r.residence 1613 Warreu
Thias, Charles, salesman , GeorgeJorgensen, , r.residence
Franklin av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner 11th
Thias, Franz(A. Reipschlaeger & Co.company ) , r.residence 1025
Franklin av.avenue
Thias, Frederick, hostrler , Lewis & Spelbrink , r.residence
1415 Franklin av.avenue
Thias, Frederick H.cler, Rudlph F.Heitkamp, ,
r.residence 190th. sw.southwest corcorner Biddle
Thias, Gerhard, cattledealer , r.residence 1712 Menard
Thias, Louis, cler, recorder's office, r.residence 211
n.north 6th
Thibant, Charls J.clerk , Brown, Weber & Gra-
ham . r.residence ss.south side Market, bet.between 6th and 7th
Thibaut, Frnak, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1242 s.south 5th
Thick, Christian, lab.laborer r.residence rear 428 s.south 13th
Thie, Henry, cler, BernardBeher, , bds. 13th, sw.southwest
cor.corner Biddle
Thieas, Caspar, lumberpiler , r.residence 1017 Wash
Thiebes, William, pianoforte mnfr.manufacturer 805 Market, r.residence
Thiel, Charles w.west furnituredealer , 618 and 620 s.south
4th, r.residence same
Thiele, August, painter , eorge Peisch & Bro. r.residence
rear 1416 n.north 11th
Thiele, CarlTried Hugo, ins.agt.agent Market, se.southeast corcorner
Thiele, christian, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1023 n.north 8th
Thiele, Etrnest w.west painter , r.residence ws.west side Jefferson av.avenue betbetween -
Chouteau av.avenue and Virginia
Thiele, Julius, cler, Mechanic's hotel, bds.boards 511
and 513 n.north 3d
Thielemann, Erust, carpenter , r.residence rear 911 Lafay-
Thielemann, John G.blacksmith , Henrytimken, ,
r.residence 1835 s.south 9th
Thieman, August, druggist , r.residence 608 n,north . 5tth
Thiemann, Charles, porter , Peterson, Hanthorn &
Co.company r.residence 1017 Market
Thiemann, Barbelle, miliner , 1017 Market
Thiemann, Ernst(Thiemann & Reipschlaeger) , r.residence
907 n.north 9th
Thiemann, Henry w.west butcher , 31 Biddle market,
r.residence Dora, ne.northeast cor.corner 21st
Thiemann, William, r.residence al.alley bet.between 18th and 19th, He-
bert and Davis
Thiemann & Reipschlaebger (ErnstThiemann, and
WilliamReipschlaeger, ), whol.wholesale wines and li-
quors . 919 Franlin av.avenue
Thieme, Charles, r.residence 921 n.north 6th
Thiemer, Bernard, tailor , Charles Woener, r.residence 204
Thiemoyer, Louis, groceries and provisions , 1928
Broadway, r.residence same
Thien, Theodoreteamster , r.residence Ohio av.avenue sw.southwest corcorner
Gravois rd.road
Thierauf, John, boot and shoemaker , 407 s.south 14th,
r.residence same
Thierauf, John, tailor , r.residence ns.north side al.alley bet.between Franklin av.avenue
and Beil. Carindal av.avenue and Albyu
Theirmann, Bernhardt, nmilkman , r.residence ws.west side Indiana
av.avenue nr.near Jefferson av.avenue
Theirolf, Gabriel, cigarmaker , r.residence 1121 n,north . 9th
Thierolf, Johanues, lab.laborer r.residence 1121 n.north 9th
Thierfolf, William, cigarmaker , GabrielThierolf, , r.residence
1121 n.north 9th
Thierry, Charles, plumber , William Sinmpson &
Co.company r.residence ss.south side Convent, bet.between 2d and 3d
Thiers, Barnard, tailor , r.residence 3 centre
Thiers, Eliza. wid.widow Herman, , r.residence 3 Centre
Thies, Frederick, teamster , r.residence 1633 Columbus
Thies, George, tailor , r.residence 1239 n.north 13th
Thies, Godfrey, tailor . 819 n.north 15th, r.residence sme
Thies, john, bricklayer , r. al.alley bet.between Fulton and De-
catur, Soulard and Lafayette
Thies, John, plasterer , 1920 Hamtramck, r.residence same
Thies, William, r.residence 2107 s.south 7th
Thiesenhusen, Henry, sec.secretary HenryWiesecke, , bds,boards
1525 Pine
Thiesmann, Clemans H.shoemaker , G.Lunz, , bds.
11th, se.southeast cor.corner O'Falloon
Thiet, Charles, proper. Buena Vista garden, 701 s.south
3d, r.residence same
Thilenius, Wililam, saddler , J.B. Sickles & Co.company
r.residence 813 n.north 22d
Thilke, Frederick, lumberpiler , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between 8th
and 9th, Wash and Carr
Thio, J. H.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Third Baptist Church , Clark av.avenue bet.between 13th and 14th
Third District Police Station , William Lee, capt.captain
1211 n.north 5th