Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Union Brewery. J. Winkelmeyer & Co . proprs.
1714 Market
Union Car Spring Mote. Co.company of New York, F.
Wm.Raedr, , agt 316 Locust
Union Car Wheel Co.company Ceo. P.King, , supt.superintendant 2242
Union Car Wotks and Railway Foundry Co.company H.
Woodward, , tieas. office, 217n.north 3d, foun-
dry, 1421 n.north Main
Onion, Cooperage, JuliusVogt, , propr. 4205 n.north
Union Dock Co.company office, 917 n.north Levee, docks. Levee,
cor.corner Miler
Union Hotel. Ktrkpatnck & Servoss , proprs. 4th,
ne.northeast cor.corner Myrtle
Union Insurance Co.company of St. Louis,
John Da.C.Taylor, , Bee. Main se, cor. Wal-
Union Iron Works, Kingstond &
Clark , proprs. 2d. ne.northeast cor.corner Carr
Union Merchants' Exchange , George H,Morgan, ,
sec.secretary 10 s.south Main
Union Methodist Episcopal Church , 11th, ne.northwest
cor.corner Locust
Union Muttiul Life Insurance Co.company . of Boston, Chid-
ester & Weed , gen.general agtsagents , 108 Locust
Union National Bank , Henry s.south Turner, , pres.president
JohnMatthews, jr.junior cash. 212 Olive
Union Pacific Ex. Freight Line, 7th. eor. Poplnr
Union Pacific Railroad Co.company
(Platte Valley tioote), JosephMeEutire, , gen.general
agt.agent 312 n.north Commercial
Union Pacific Railway , Eastern Division, general
office, 119 s.south 5th
Union, Park, HerrmannBachmann, , propr. 2001
Union Railroad Co.company B. Grate, Brown, pres.president Yoder
Brown, , sec.secretary 2812 n.north 16th, stables, Grande av.avenue
sw.southwest cor.corner 16th
Union Railway Foundry , G. B.King, , supt.superintendant 333
Union Roiling Mill , William H.Stone, , pres.president Hen-Vnetkner, , sec 12th, sw. cor. Cass av.
Union Savings Association , of St.
Louis, T. s.south Hutuerfurd, , pres.president Main, ne.northeast cor.corner
Union Steam Engine Co.company No. 2,2227 Franklin av.avenue
Union Steam Fitting and Brass Works , A. Ste-
phenson & Co.company proprs. 7 Market
Union Steam Mill Co.company Walter C.
Carr., pres.president Charles F.Orthwein, , vice pres.president L.
Faez, , treas.treasurer L.Wetteroth, , see. Levee, foot of
United Fire and Marine Ids. Co.company of Ky., M.
Bedding, jr.junior gen.general agt.agent 417 Chesnut
United Hebrew Congregational Cemetery , Pratte
av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Pacific r.residence r.residence
United Presbyterian Church, 5th, ne.northeast cor.corner Loeust
United States Arsenal, bvt. brig.gen.general F. D.
Callender, , U. s.south A. in charge , Carondelet
av.avenue bet.between Arsenal and Government av.avenue
United States Assessor's Office , TheopbilePapin, ,
U. s.United States assessor, 210 n.north 3d
United states asst.assistant Assessor's Office , 2d div. 1st.
dist.distributor 1341 Carondelet av.avenue
United States Asst. Assessor's Office , 9th div.
DanielO'Madigan, , asst.assistant assessor , 1204 Broad-
United states Casualty Ins.Co.company of New York,
Parsons & Stark , agts.agents 104 n.north 4th
United States Circuit Court , Custom House bldg.building
3d, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
United States Collector's Office , BartonAble, , col-
lector , 212 n.north 3d
United States Custom House , 3d, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
United States Express Co.company
Charles w.west Ford, , agt.agent 500 n.north 4th, cor.corner St.
Charles, stables, 1632 n.north 9th
United States Life Ins.Co.company of
St Louis, John J.Roe, , pres.president Harry I.Bod-, , sec.secretary 224 n.north Main, Be.eor. Olive