Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Wood, Epbralm B.brickburner . r.residence 2361 Cooper
Wood, Francis M.stock trader , r.residence 811 n.north 17th
Wood, Frederick M. (Muller * Wood ), r.residence Work-
house station
Wood, George e.east clerk , bds.boards 516 Pine
Wood, George w.west groceries and provisions, 1907
Morgan, r.residence same
Wood, Henry. machinist , r.residence 2903 n.north 9th
Wood, Horatio D. (Field & Wood ), r.residence 1825 n.north 9th
Wood, Homphrey. talor , r.residence 2903 n.north 9th
Wood, Jamesriverman , r.residence rear 1124 n.north 9th
Wood, James B.wid.widow Arba, w.westr.residence rear 1102 n.north 14th
Wood, Jason, bds.boards 1816 Morgan
Wood, Jesse, stockdealer , r.residence 2807 n. 9th
Wood, John, clothing, 320 Locust, r,residence same
Wood, Joseph, carpenter , bds. 408 a. 15th
Wood, Joseph, machinist , r.residence 2003 n.north 9th
Woo I, Joseph, sec.secretary Missouri benevelent and Loan
awociation, 313 Olive .bds.boards 3305 Bellefon
talne rd.road
Wood, Joseph H.clerk , Tj. P.B.B.e.east D. r.residence 1602
Wood, Joseph B. carpenter , r. rear 1102 n.north 14th
Wood, J. F.Stock Hntnal Ina.Co.company 314 Olive, bds.boards
19 a. 5th
Wood, Martin J, glass stainer , AdoJphSalter, , r.residence
room 50 Whlttier bdg.
WoodMary, Mrs.bds.boards 1123 Chesnut
Wood, Mary, wid.widow Gideon, ,r.residence 2361 Cooper
Wood, n.north H.asst.assistant surgeon . City hospital, r.residence same
Wood, Richard. lab.laborer Stone spring distillery
Wood, Robert J. {Wood & Bean ), r.residence 318 n.north 11th
Wood, Thomas (Wood & Silence ), r.residence 13th, ne.northeast
eor. Chambers
Wood, Tbomaa, carpenter , bds.boards Natural bridge
plank rd.road ne.northwest ror. Hebert
Wood, William, conductor , St. Louis city railway
Wo!, William, pilot , r.residence 1208 n.north 7th
Wood, William H.physician , r.residence 1025 n.north 9th
Wood, William w.west conductor , r.residence 1025 n.north 15th
Wood, w.west B.lab.laborer Franklinbrewery,
Wood & Bean (Robert J.Wood, and William C.
Bean, ), staple groceries . Ill n. 2d
Wood A Silence (ThomasWood, and ThomasSi-, ), mer. tailors , 14 Green
Woodhnrn, Isaac, spokefactory, r.residence 3024 Bel
Woodburn, Jacob (Woodhnrn, Smith & Co.company , and
Pehnrenum A Co.company ). r.residence 1 Bell
Woodburn, Smith & Co.company (Jacob
Woodliurn, , s.south F.Smith, , J. r.residence Osgood, and
James s.south Yost, ), Sawen's patent wheel culti-
vator and aang plow, and carriage materials,
114 and 116 Green
Woodcock, John, foreman , Henry Ames A Co.company r.residence
1309 North Market
Woodcock, Thore,tinner , Nicdringhaus Bros.r.residence
ss.south side Biddle. bet.between 17th and 18th
Woodhouse, John, machinist , r.residence rear S27 Dachon-
WonShouse, Jospb, lab.laborer r.residence 1514 Warren
Woodlock, Daniel, bricklayer , r.residence 2138 Wash
Woodlock, David, r.residence m. Waterworks, nr.near 20th
Woo lock, John, dnymaa , James A. Jackson &
Co.company r.residence 807 s.south 14th
Woodlock, John, porter , A.I. Hall & Co.company r.residence 102
Woodlock, Patrick J. (Woodlock A O'Connell ), r.residence
2824 Adams
Woodlock A O'Connell (Patrick J.Woodlock, and
PatrickO'Connell, ), marbleyard . 1609 Market
Woodrow, Edward, clerk , Wood & Silence , r.residence 10
Woodrow, Frank e.east bartender , r, 1301 Morgan
Woodrow, Sarah, fancy^oods, 920 n.north 7th, r.residence same
Woodruff, Amanda, wid.widow Arch, r.residence 1517 Austin
Woodruff, Anna B. Miss, dressmaker , 716 n.north 8th,
bda. Same
Woodruff, Elizabeth Mrs, r.residence as. Park av.avenue bet.between Pratte
and California avs.avenues
Woodruff, Frederick C.prin. Clay school, r.residence 1915
n.north 9th