Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Wothee, Frederick, carpenter , r.residence 902 Biddle
Wotherepoon, James, jeweler , r.residence 214 s.south 23d
Wotke, Franz M.drygoods , 1401 Carondelet av.avenue r.residence
Wotti, Diabold, dairyman , r.residence ws.west side Kansas ar.nr.near
Wrack, William, moolder , Etna iron works , r.residence s.south
Sth, bet.between Hickory and Convent
Wrede, Friedrich. lab.laborer r.residence rear 828 Allen av.avenue
Wrede, John, baker , bda. 1003 O'Fallon
Wren, James, clerk , J. M.Polack, , r.residence 802 Locust
Wren, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence Beuton, bet.between Broadway
' ; and Stb
Wrenn, Milburn, sale stables, 614 Cheannt, r.residence 815
Wreuwann, Charles. lab.laborer r.residence rear 1121 n.north 12th
Wrieden, William, tailor , 906 Franklin av.avenue r.residence 914
Franklin av.avenue
Wright, Alvah w.west pilot , bds.boards 2420 Morgan
Wright, Andrew, machinist , bds.boards 3017 Cooper
Wright, Charles, paiuter , WesleyFallon, , r.residence 1320
Brood way
Wright, Christian, brewer , bda. 609 s.south 2d
Wright, Comfort, widwidow , Thomas, , r.residence Lafayette av.avenue
w.west cor.corner Compton av.avenue
Wright, Daniel, pilot , Upper Mississippi benevo-
lent Pilot's association , 13 Olive, r.residence Keokuk,
Wright, Daniel T. (D.T. Wright A Co.company ), r.residence es.
Spring av.avenue het Parson and Summer av.avenue
Wright, David D. (Wright A Bolemann ), r.residence 3323
n.north 10th
Wright D.T. & Co.company (Daniel T.Wright, , Turner
Maddox, and Ezra H.Moore, ), lumber
dealers , 1141 Market
Wright, Ed.pawnbroker , 308 Vine, r.residence same
Wright, Fidelia H. Miss, teacher , Laclede school,
r.residence Webster Grove, P.B. R.
WrigM, . Frederick, clerk , CharlesPunch, , r.residence 817
Wright, George, bookkeeper , Barr, Dnacan & Co.company
r.residence ss.south side Pine, bet.between 4th and 5th
Wright, G. w.west foreman , bds.boards 112 Green
Wright, Henry C.books and stationery, 616 Mar-
ket, r.residence 1010 Pine
Wright, Henry C.deputy collector internal reve-
nue, 212 n.north 3d, r.residence couutry
Wright, Henry C.physician , r.residence 2710 Walnut
Wright, Henry X.engineer . Beltefontaine city
railway, bds.boards 2711 Broadway
Wright, H.brakeman .Paciflc B.K., bds.boards 1311 Ran-
Wright, Jacob, teamster , r.residence 21 s.south 13th
Wright, James, boots and shoes, 611 Franklin av.avenue
Wright, James, painter , r, al.alley betbetween , O'Fallon aud
Cass av.avenue Sth and 9th
Wright, James A.mnfr.manufacturer and dealer in carriages ,
809 n.north 5th, r.residence 1329 Olive
Wright, James C.carpenter and builder , 404 s.south
I2tl, r.residence 112 s 8th
Wrlgbt, James C. (J.C. Wright & Co ),r.residence 112 s.south 8th
Wright, James e.east restaurant. 6th, ne.northwest cor.corner Ches-
nut. r.residence same
Wright, John, carilagetrimmer , Freeman & Green ,
r.residence 1827 s.south Sth
Wright, John, conductor , r.residence 2426 Columbus
Wright, John, engineer , r.residence 2216 Division
Wright, John, fireman , r.residence 1435 n.north 10th
Wright, John, printer , r.residence 123 Centre
Wright, John A.carpenter , r.residence 2706 Gamble
Wright, John w.west clerk , JohnLoy, , r.residence 1435 n.north 10th
Wright, Joseph, student , St. Louis university, r.residence
1329 Olive
Wright, Joseph H.chemist . ThomasTanton, , r.residence
208 a. 6th
Wright J.C. & Co.company (Jimes C.Wright, and George
Breckenridge, ), pUningmill aud box factory,
s.south 12th ne.northwest cor.corner Spruce
Wright, J. D.liverystable bdsboards 610 Wash
Wright, Leverett D. (Brundage A Wright ), r.residence
O'Fallon, ne.northwest cor.corner 5th