Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Manufactures Of St. Louis.

The manufactures of St. Louis constitute an important element in
our commercial transactions. In 1860, the capital invested in manu-
factures was $9,205,205, and the value of the product was $21,772,323.
St. Louis, though the eighth city in point of population in the United
States, ranked as seventh in the importance of its manufactures. Now
she is a rival of many of the older cities of the Union, and the excel-
lency of her wares is not surpassed by any city on the continent.

In this connection, we take pleasure in referring to the following
business firms in St. Louis, engaged in manufacturing:

Dowdall, Page & Co.

The Washington Foundry, of which Dowdall, Page & Co.company ,
are the proprietors , is at the southeast corner of Second and Morgan
Streets. This is one of the large manufactories of St. Louis, turning
out steam engines and boilers, saw and grist mill machinery, all descrip-
tions of saws, machinery for tobacco presses, etc., etc. The machinery
manufactured at this foundry, is unsurpassed for beauty, strength and
durability, and the business transacted yearly is very large.

Branch, Crookes & Co.

The St. Louis Saw Works of Branch, Crookes & Co.company , are
situated at 116 and 118 Vine Street, between Main and Second. Here
are manufactured every kind of cast steel saw used in the United States.
Making a speciality of this branch of business added to the extensive
facilities possessed by the firm, enables them to manufacture an article,
the superior of which cannot be found in the Union. Hence the im-
mense sales, and the popularity of the St. Louis Saw Works.

J. e.east Oxley & Co.

Messrs. J.e.east Oxley and J.H. Bettis & Co.company , comprise the firm of
J. e.east Oxley & Co.company , manufacturers of steam boilers, tanks, chimneys,
and all kinds of heavy sheet iron work, corner of Main and Cherry
streets. The business of this firm has increased during the last two
years, fully fifty per cent. Their building occupies a front of two hun-
dred feet on Main street, has three departments, a thirty horse power