Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

engine, and a large steam riveting machine. The firm employ a capital
of $25,000, give employment to three foremen and seventy-five men,
and do a yearly business of $117,000. The works are known to be as
extensive as any in the country. They have a valuable improvement
in steamboat breeching, for which a patent has been applied for by Mr.
C. w.west Hopper, , of this city. Messrs. Oxley & Co.company are fully up with the
times in the conduct of their business which is becoming so extensive in
the west, that there is no longer a necessity for purchasers to order from
the eastern cities.

James Sweney.

The copper, tin and sheet iron works of Mr. JamesSweney, ,
are located at No. 613 North Main street, between Washington and
Green. The business was started in 1853 by Mr. Sweney, and in 1854,
Mr. Wm.Schneider, became associated with the former, but left in 1865.
Every description of copper, tin and sheet iron work, for steamboats,
mills and distilleries, is manufactured here; also, steamboat and hotel
cooking stoves and ranges, as also a tube bending machine, patented by
Mr. s.south in May 1866. The business was started under favorable circum-
stances, and the gradual progress has been very fair, the establishment
ranking high in the business community. The amount of business
transacted reaches yearly seventy-five thousand dollars, creating employ-
ment for fifteen or more men, occupying three departments, and the ex-
cellence of the wares manufactured reflects credit upon our city.

G. & w.west Todd & Co.

Messrs. G. & w.west Todd & Co.company , importers and manufacturers
of leather belting, French burr mill stones, bolting cloths, portable grain
mills, &c. are located at Nos. 917 and 919, North Second street. This
establishment dates as far back as 1835, when St. Louis was but a child
in comparison with her present gigantic proportions. It is needless to
say that this firm has kept pace with the growth of the city, expanding
in like proportion. Many of their wares are imported directly from
Europe, and all of them are of the finest quality, equal to any found in
the largest cities of the Union. It is to firms like the above, that St.
Louis is indebted for her enterprise and prosperity. They give charac-
ter to our city, "growing with its growth and strengthening with its

James G. Cozzens & Co.

Jas. G. Cozzens & Co.company are engaged in the business of a general
manufacturers' agency. The firm is composed of Jas. G.Cozzens, , John
M.Wherry, and Robert s.south Hall, . Mr. Cozzens, , as successor to Collins &
McGill, commenced business in 1865 as dry goods commission mer-
chant. There are six persons engaged in the present occupation, hav
ing ten agencies, with a capital of $50,000, and doing a very large busi-
ness. This firm do exclusively the business of manufacturers' agents,
holding stocks as supply depots for the jobbing trade, a comparatively