Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

William M.Plant, in 1845, and has constantly increased in magnitude
and usefulness to the present time. The consolidation of the new firm,
by which the celebrated steel plow works of Peoria were added, has
given an impetus to business and largely increased its importance. The
works at Peoria have been enlarged, and are now the most complete in
the west, capable of turning out thirty thousand plows per annum. The
buildings are three stories high, aud cover a lot one hundred and sev-
enty feet long by one hundred and twenty feet wide, with a railroad
track running the entire length. A complete outfit of the latest and
most improved machinery has been put in, combining all the modern
facilities for doing the best work at the least possible cost. This house
is one of the, oldest in the west, and the names of Plant & Bro., so long
connected with it, have always been held in high favor in business
circles—none moret so. The immense capital employed, and the busi-
ness standing of the members of the firm, individually and collectively,
give a reputation of which any house might well feel proud.

J, M. Brunswick * Bro.

In the manufacture of billiard tables, the firm of J. M. Bruns-
Wick & Bbo. , No. 17 South Fourth street, between Market and Wal-
nut, stands conspicuous. The business was established by the present
proprietors in 1861. They have invested a capital of $250,000, and
their sales are $90,000 yearly.

John e.east Oxley.

Mr. John e.east Oxley, , at No. 503 North Levee, between Wash-
ington avenue and Vine street, is an extensive manufacturer of tin, cop-
per and sheet iron ware, having commenced business in 1857, upon a
small capital, which is now increased to $20,000. There are three de-
partments in his business, giving employment to a large number of men.
His works compare favorably with those of a similar character in the
west, and in addition to all kinds of copper and sheet iron work, he
manufactures steamboat and hotel work and steam hot water tables, also
a steamboat deck stove, and an improved carving table and plate warmer.

Smith 4 Beggs.

The Lafayette Foundry, is an incorporated eompany, represented by
Anthony w.west Smith, and JohnstonBeggs, , under the firm-name of
Smith & Beggs , manufacturers of portable and stationary steam
engines, boilers, circular saw and grist mills, sugar mills, tobacco ma-
chinery, and moit everything connected with iron and brass castings.
Their place of business is on the northeast corner of Main and Morgan
streets, and was commenced by Messrs. s.south & B. on the 1st of September,1864, under rather unfavorable circumstances, yet by perseverance and
industry, they have built up a trade of $175,000 per annum upon a cap-
ital of $25,000. To carry on their business requires three buildings, di-
vided into five departments, an engine of twenty-five horse power, with
a boiler twenty-two by forty feet, four fourmen, one salesman and sixty