Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

men. .The quality of'the wares manufactured by these works' cannot
be excelled in the valley of the Mississippi.

James Little.

Mr. JamesLittle, is an extensive dealer in hardware, stove
castings and stoves, and also a manufacturer of copper, tin and sheet
iron ware. Jjis place of business is at the corner of Main and Market
streets. Mr. L. is emphatically" a St. Louis man—born and reared to his
business in our city. " In 1862, he purchased the establishment, of which
he is now sole proprietor, from Mr. John Mulligan. His business is
now divided into two departments, giving employment to a large num-
ber of hands whose average wages amount to several hundred dollars
per week, and his yearly sales reach one hundred thousand dollars. The
wares he manufactures are principally stoves and stove eastings; among
the former, is his celebrated camp stove, patented in 1857, a valuable
improvement among the endless variety of stoves extant. This estab-
lishment ranks as number one among those of like character in any por-
tion of the west.

McKim A Koel.

The firm of McKim & 'Noel , composed of Mrs. e.east J.McKim, and
Mr. C. B.Noel, , are the proprietors of the " Paris Fashion Emporium."
designers and importers of trimmed paper patterns, at 419J Fourth street.
The business was started by the senior partner in 186S, under rather un-
favorable circumstances, with only a capital of $100. In 1867 Mr. Noel
became connected with the business, and now the establishment ranks
among the first in the west. They manufacture designs for ladies' and
children's dresses, and have made two valuable improvements in rules
for cutting dress goods, for which they were awarded the blue ribbon at
the State Fair of 1S67, as also the first premium for patterns. A large
share of their business is done through agents in different parts of the
country. This firm give employment to four salesmen and twenty
hands, and transact a business averaging $2,500 per month.

W. Stein & Co.

W. Stein & Co.company , at No. 711 South Main street, are manufactur-
ers of and wholesale dealers in brushes. This is a large establishment,
requiring two foremen, four salesmen and forty hands. The building
occupied in this business is seventy- by one hundred and forty feet.
Sales about $50,000 yearly.

Clark & McClintock

Messrs. Clask & McClintock , at the southwest corner'of
Washington avenue and Fifth street, are dealers in Foreign and American
marble, furnishing mantels, monuments, statuary, tombs, .headstones, &c.
This firm was established in 1849, and up to the present time have been
doing a successful business, giving employment to fifteen hands. Their
yearly sales are heavy, and the wares manufactured,-,exhibit artistic
skill and beauty of finish.