Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Friedenwald & Co.

The wholesale cldtbtng house of" tBietfkwwalt) & Co.company is located
at No. 413 Maid street, between Locust arf8 Tine. This house was es-
tablished by the ahove firm in 1852, and the present capital is $500,000,
the yearly sales amounting to the same sum. The average number of
hands employed is fourteen.

Sanford G. Scarritt.

This gentleman, at No. 204 Market street, is a larg wholesale and
retail dealer in furniture and beJdlng. This botines3 was established by
Searritt k Mason , in 1840, numerous changes in the firm having taken
place since that period, resulting in the present proprietorship. Mr. s.south
employs, on the average, fifteen hands.

Lillie Safe And Iron Company.

The well known Lillie Safe And Iron Company , manu-
facturers of Lillie's burglar and fire proof safes, bank vaults, vault doors
and bank locks, is represented in St. Louis by Mk U. M.Woodward, ,
general Western Agent , No. 117 North Main street. This company has
a capital of $850,000, ar/d employs on an average three hundred and fifty
hands, doing business yearly to the amount of $500,000, a large share
of which is transacted by the St. Louis agency.

Cantwell & Shorb.

In the line of school books, paper, stationery and blank books,
Messrs. WiLiam J.Cantwell, and James e.east Shorb, , of the firm of
Cant Well & Shorb , are wholesale dealers , No. 504 North Mam
street. This house was established in 1885, and has been under the di-
rection of the present firm for the last five years. They have invested
in the business a capital of $75,000; their last year's sales amounting to
$200,000. Number of salesmen and porters from eight to ten.

H. Gildehaus & Co.

In the wholesale grocery business, the house of H. Gildehaus &
Co. is familiar to all our citizens. The firm is composed of H,Gilde-, , Chas. B.Dieekriedc, and Chas.Wulifcig, , and was organized in the
spring of 1858. They occupy a paciou* warehouse of their own, Nos.
7 and % on Second street, and the progress of their Impute** has been
very satisfactory.

Hawkins & Jones.

Mr, D. L.Hawkins and G. D.Jones, , of the firm of Hawkins &
Jones , are wholesale grocers and general commission merchants , Nos.
10 and 12 North Second street. The business was started in May, 1866,