Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

by Hawkins, Albert k Co.company , and in May, 1867 assumed its present firm
name. The gradual progress of the, business of,this house,has been
favorable, the sales amounting to $50O,O00 per annum upon, a capital of
$40,000. The store is four stories, thirty-four feet front by one hundred,
and forty deep. They give employment to six salesmen.

J. H. Wear & Co.

Messrs. J.H. Wear & Co.company , importers and jobbers of fancy dry
goods, hosiery, notions, etc.; are doing business at No. 319 Maim street.
This house was started in 1863, by Jas. H.Wear, and John w.west Hick-, , and by them continued- until the present time. : They have in their
employ fifteen persons, and their sales are up to the standard of bouses
of like character.

J. A.J. Aderton.

Another extensive wholesale dealer in staple and fancy dry-goods, is
Mr. J. J.Aderton, , successor to House, Aderton & Co.company His
place of business is at No. 811, (old No. 84) North Main street, between
Olive and Locust. Mr. Aderton keeps eight clerks in his employ. His
yearly sales are large, and an evidence of his fair and honorable dealing
is the fact that his customers always leave his store satisfied with their

R. L. Rosebbough & Son.

The marble works of R. L. Rosebrough & Son , are at 1421
west side Broadway, "between O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Every article
in this line of business may be found at their manufactory.

A. Frankenthal & Bro.

The firm of A. Frankenthal & Bro. , are manufacturers of,
and wholesale dealers in,! gents' furnishing goods, tailors' trimmings,
hosiery, notions, etc., No, 6 South Main street, between Main and Ches-
mit. This house was started by Alexander and Albert Frankenthal.
Five salesmen, seven hands and two porters are required in their busi-

J. Green & Co.

J. Green & Co.company are manufacturers and wholesale dealers m boots
and shoes, No. 500 North Main street. Their manufactory is at Spencer,
Mass., having been established their in 1812. The St. Louis boose was
organized in 1850.

Warren Waterman & Co.

Messrs. Warren, Waterman & Co.company , No. 810 North Main,
are extensive dealers in iron and steel, wagon and carriage wood work.