Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

Their business was commenced in 1856, and the names of persons inter-
ested from time to time, are AndrewWarrern, , U. D."Waterman, and e.east
s.south Barrows, . Their works occupy a building twenty-seven by one
hundred and thirty feet, containing five floors and, a basement.

Scarritt, Curtis & Mason.

Another wholesale and retail furniture and bedding warehouse is that
of Messrs. Scarritt, Curtis & Mason , Nos. 214 and 216
Washington avenue. The members of the firm are r.residenceScarritt, , U. H.
Curtis, and P. H.Mason, . This house is doing an excellent business.

Simon Sale & Co.

Simon Sale & Co.company are manufacturers of, and wholesale dealer
in, boots and shoes, No. 17 North Main street. The business was con-
menced by the same firm some three years si nee. They give employment
to six men.

Charles De Gbeck & Co.

Messrs. .Charles DeGreek, , of St. Louis, and D. A.Sahlein, ,. of New
York, compose the firm of Charles De Greck & Co.company , wholesale
dealers in ready-made clothing, No. 213 North Main street. This well
known house was started by w.west F.Enders, , in 1853. The last change
in the firm was made in 1865. Most of their clothing is from the estab-
lishment of D. A. Sahlein & Co.company , No. 29 Barclay street, New York city.
Five salesmen and an average number of ten hands are employed.

Kramer & Loth.

Messrs. Kramer & Loth are importers and wholesale dealers
in notions, hosiery and furnishing goods. This house was started in
1857, by the present proprietors, and gives employment to eight clerks.
Place of business No. 207 North Main street, between Olive and Pie.

T. & C. Slevin & Co.

Messrs. T. & C. Slevin & Co.company are. wholesale dry goods deal-
ers , located at No. 22 North Main street., This house was started in
1843, is well established, doing a fine business, and giving employment
to seven clerks.

J. Weil, Bro. & Co.

Messrs. JosephWeil, , Max.Weil, and AbrahamGrank, , of the firm of
J. Weil, Bro. & Co.company , are large importers and jobbers in dry goods,
and dealers in ready-made clothing. The business was started in 1842
by J. Weil & Bro. , and in January. 1867, Mr. Frank was admitted as a
partner. Place of business Nos. 109 and 111 North Main street. A