Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

large business house, requiring ten salesman, and giving employment in
the manufactory department for twenty-three men.

H. T. Simon & Gregory.

H, T.Simon, and Charles e.east Gregory, are wholesale dealers in fancy
dry goods, gents' furnishing goods, yankee notions, gloves,' hosiery, etc.
Their place of business is at No. 309 North Main street, between Olive
and Locust.

Bender & Etzel.

Bender & Etell are importers and wholesale dealers in fancy
dry goods, No. 502 North Main street. This also is an old house, started
by Geo.Bender, and Theo.Htldenbraudt, in 1855. In[ January, 1862,
Mr. Fred.Etzel, became associated1 with Mr. Bender, Mr. H. retiring.
A good house, doing and excellent business, and giving employment to
ten clerks.

Bagwill & Meters.

The firm of Bagwill & Meters , composed of Messrs. J. H.
Bagwiil, and s.south A.Meyers, , are jobbers in fancy dry goods and notions,
Nos. 501 and 503 Main street, corner of Vine. A sound firm, doing a
good business, giving employment to six clerks.

Hurt, Hellmers & Voorhis.

Another largd wholesale house is that of Hurt, Hellmers &
Voorhis , established in 1859, dealers in dry goods and notions, No.
222 North Main street, corner of Olive. They employ a capital of about
$370,000, and require eighteen men in the transaction of their business.
This house is among the heaviest dealers in the West.

John G. Allen & Sons.

John G. Allen & Sons are wholesale dealers in staple and fancy
dry goods and notions, No. 511 Main street. This is a new house,
established in 1867, and bids, fair to rival many of the older houses.

W. H. Benton & Co.

W. H. Benton & Co.company are importers and jobbers of staple and
fancy dry goods, No. 513 North Main street. The members of this firm
are w.west H.Benton, , WallaceDelafield, , Jacob n.north Heintz, and JohnBu-, , of St. Louis, and John D.Egbert, , of New York city.

Orr & Lindsley.

The boot and shoe house of Orr & Lindsley , No. 306 North
Main street, is of some thirteen years standing, being one of the largest
in St. Louis. The business was originally established by Mr. William