Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Mason & Flanagan.

This firm, whose members are e.east r.residence Mason, and F. F.Flanagan, , are
doing business as Military and Naval Claim Agents. Their office is at
No. 207 North Third street. They give prompt attention to the collec-
tion of all claims against the United States and State of Missouri. Par-
ties having business of this kind to transaet, can place their claims in the
hands of these gentlemen in perfect confidence.

A. B. Pearson & Co.

This firm, proprietors of the Mississippi Scale Works, the factory of
which is located at No. 816 North Main street, manufacture scales, cotton
beams and stands, store trucks and skids, etc. The scales from this fac-
tory are reliable for exactness, and are used extensively in all parts of
the West.

P. C. Ludlow.

The Premium Wire Works, of which Mr. r.residence C.Ludlow, is pro-
prietor , are located at No. 215 Market street, between Second and Third.
He is an extensive manufacture of, and wholesale dealer in wire cloth,
and all other kinds of wares to which wire can be adapted. This is one
of the largest establishments of the kind in the West.

Christian Brothers' College.

This most popular and deserving institution has an agreeable and
healthy location, easy of access, on the corner of Eighth and Cerre
streets, a little southeast of the Pacific railroad terminus. This is an
incorporated institution, empowered to confer degrees and academical
honors, and possesses all the facilities for imparting a finished classical
education to the student. It is a very popular institution in the full tide
of successful operation.

A. F. Shapleigh & Co.

Among the many large wholesale houses in St. Louis, is that of A. F.
Shapleigh & Co.company , dealers in hardware, cutlery, guns, heavy
goods, etc., No. 414 Main street. This firm keeps an assortment of
goods, complete in every particular — tools for the mechanic, tools for
the farmer, tools for the professional man, tools for the laborer, and, in
short, tools for all classes of people, They are liberal-dealers, doing an
immense business, and richly deserving the patronage so liberally be-
stowed upon their house.

Schulenburg & Boeckeler.

This firm are dealers in pine lumber, in, connection with their planning
mill, on Tenth street, between Cass avenue and Mullanphy street. Their
stock of lumber is always complete.