Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Kingslands & Ferguson.

This firm are proprietors of the Phœnix Foundry and Agricultural
Works, the factory of which is on the comer of Eleventh and Cass
avenue, and the office at the corner of Second and Cherry streets.
Portable saw mills, steam engines, and Agricultural implements are
turned out from this establishment.

Conrades & Hoffman.

The warerooms of the Missouri Chair Factory, of which the above
firm are proprietors , are at Nos. 1121 and 1123 North Sixth street, be-
tween Carr and Biddle, and the factory on the southeast corner of Main
and Madison.

Excelsior Insurance Company.

The office of this Company is at the northeast corner of Main and
Walnut streets. It is an institution whose officers and directors are
worthy the confidence of the people.

Union Savings Association.

This association is also located on the northeast corner of Main and
Walnut streets. A worthy institution, whose object it is to encourage
the industrious and frugal to lay by money for a rainy day.

Express Companies.

The office of the Adams Expbess Company , in St. Louis, is
on Main street, southeast corner of Chesnut, and that of the Ameri-
Can Express Company on the corner of Fourth and Locust
streets. The agent of the former is. C. C.Henderson, , and of the latter,
e.eastHayden, . Both these gentlemen well represent the interests of these
two old reliable companies.

The office of the United States Express Company is
located at No. 500 North Fourth street

D. A. January & Co.

This is one of the oldest grocery houses in. St. Louis, located at Nos.
406 and 408 North Second street. The firm are heavy importers of
fruits and fancy groceries, sugars, teas, coffees, etc., etc., and also do a
heavy commission business. An excellent house, deserving of public

A. Johnson & Co.

The firm of A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main street, have one
of the largest wholesale dry goods houses in St Louis. Every article
in the line of dry goods that is manufactured can be had at this house.