Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
R. s.south Griffin.

This gentleman is proprietor of an excellent livery stable, at Nos.
406 and 408 North Eighth street, between Locust and St. Charles.
Most elegant carriages and horses always to befound at this stable.

L. P. Fries.

The brass foundry of Mr. Fries, is at No. 808 South Second street,
between Mulberry and Lombard. He manufactures steam, gas and
water cocks of all kinds, the workmanship of which is of the highest
order of merit.

Prange & Brother.

This firm are large manufacturers of furniture in general, at Nos.
3410, 3412, 3414 and 3416 North Tenth street. They sell wholesale
and retail, and their furniture is not surpassed in the St. Louis

John Busby.

The business of horse shoeing is carried on by Mr. Busby, , whose
shop is situated at No. 210 Morgan street, between Second and Third.
He is also a horse farrier.

S. s.south Lippincott.

This gentleman is a manufacture of soda water machinery of every
description, including patent soda fountains, etc. His factory and labo-
ratory is on the northwest corner of Eighth aNd St. Charles street.

B. Douglass.

This gentleman, at No. 210 Pine street, carries on the business of
butter and cheese commission merchant . Making these two, articles a
specialty, he has built up a trade second to but few in the country, and
among the first in St. Louis.

Beard & Bro.

This firm are the proprietors of the Excelsior Fire and Burglar
Proof Safe and Scale Works, the warehouse of which is at Nos. 721 and
723 North Main, having a branch office at 457 Broadway, New York
city. This is a large house, doing a heavy business, and holding noth-
ing but articles of the best quality.

Firld & Wood.

The law firm of Field & Wood is composed of William s.south Field,
and Horatio B.Wood, , their office being on the northwest corner of
Fifth and Pine streets. It is a firm of a well deserved reputation.