Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
The Great Western Insurance Company.

This company, chartered at recently as 1864, is in the full tide of
successful operation. The office is on the southwest corner of Pine and
Second streets, over the Mechanics' Bank, and its officers are J. J.Mont-, , Esq., president , and Isaac L.Garrison, , Esq., secretary . A sound
institution in every respect, conducted with an eye single to the interests
of the insured as well as the insurer.

Home Mutual Fire And Marine Insurance Company.

This company was chartered iu 1845. The office is situated on the
southwest corner of Pine and Second streets, over the Mechanics' Bank.
The officers are Isaac L.Garrison, , Esq., president , and J. J."Montgomery, ,
Esq., secretary . This is a well managed company, enjoying'the confi-
dence of the people to a high degree. It is doing a safe and profltaolfe

Missouri Mutual Life Insurance Company.

The Missouri Mutual Life Insurance Company of
St. Louis, has an office at No. 701 Olive street, and is officered by The-
ronBarnum, , president ; Isaac L.Garrison, , vice president ; George H.
Bender, , secretary , and ThomasJessop, , general agent . This company
was organized in 1867, with a capjtal of $100,000, and although young
in existence is taking rank in point of business with many of the older
institutions of like character. The board of directors are men of means
and high standing, which added to the merits of the general officers form
a company of enviable reputation. The profits of the company are di-
vided annually and paid in cash on division, and all policies are non-fof-
feitable from issue.

Commercial College.

The Commercial College of Bryantj Strattok & Carpen-
Ter , is in Darby's building, on the corner of Fifth and Olive streets.
The reputation, in the commercial world, of the chain of colleges inau-
gurated by Bryant & Stratton, is so favorable that but little Can be said
adding thereto. The college in St. Louis, howeycr, is fully up to that
standard of perfection which marks the progress of those in other cities.
A diploma from this college is a sure passport for a young man seeking
a situation.

Grether & Boeck.

This is another reliable firm, doing" business in real estate, as hotfse
agents , notaries and conveyancers, and also loaning money oh real estate
security, No. 910 North Fifth street. The seme* member of the firm
is an attorney. Bo*th partners are reliable men with whom to entrust
business matters.