Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

are at No. 13 South Main straet, and the assortment of agricultural im-
plements to be found them js complete as, capj^al and business capacity
can possibly make it- Fortunate it is. for tbc farming community that
houses of this nature arc found ia all our large cities, where selections
of, farming tools can be made with so. little trouble, and at comparatively
so.small a cost, when taking into consideration the immense amount of
labor saved in the use of them, over the old ^me^hods practiced twenty
and thirty years ago. Semple, Birge. jfe (Cp, are deserving the patron-
age of the farmers and agriculturists generally.

Marine Insurance Company.

The office of the Marine Insurance Company , of St.
touts, is on the southeast corner of Mfiin and Pine streets. The com-
pany was chartered in 1837, consequently it js, one of the oldest, as well
as one of the best institutions in the city. D.Hongh, , Esq., president ;
H. w.west Hough, Esq., secretary .

F. Hase & Co.

This firm are wholesale and retail dealers in furniture and mattresses,
keeping always on hand a large stock of parlor, bedroom, dining-room
and office furniture. The warehouse is at No. 821 North Sixth street,
betwei-n Morgan street and Franklin avenue. Furniture of the most
ftlegant style, besides that of more plainer pretensions, fills the spacious
warerooms of this firm, and be most be fastidious indeed who cannot,
from so large an assortment, make selections to suit the length and
breadth of his purse. The firm arc doing a heavy business.

Jones' Commercial College.

The gentlemen's department of this college is in Odd Fellow's Hall,
corner of Fourth and Locust streets, aftd the ladies' department on the
southwest corner of Washington avenue and Fourth street. Both ladies
and gentlemen can here perfect themselves in penmanship and book-
keeping, acquiring a knowledge of these useful accomplishments, useful
to them in after life.

Union Steam Mill Company.

This company was organized under the general corporation laws of
the State, the office and the mill being oh'the Levee, south of Florida
street. The flour manufactured from this mill has a reputation far and
wide for superior excellence. The brands of the Union Steam
Mill Company command the highest price in the market.