Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

obliging clerks, polite and attentive waiters, elegant rooms, and a table
ever groaning under the luxuries of the season, form the general make
up of the Evbrett House.

W. A. Guiou & Company.

The wholesale cordage house of this firm is located at No. 104 North
Second street. The business consists in dealing in Manilla rope, cord
and balcing, twines and cords from flax, hemp and cotton, cable-laid
rope, cte., etc. The assortment of goods is complete in every particular
and the fair and liberal dealings of the proprietors draw crowds of

John How.

This gentleman is a large and extensive dealer in hides and leather.
His place of business i3 at Nos. 701 and 703 Main street, corner of Green,
where leather in all iu various varieties can be obtained. He is a liberal
dealer, and doing a business well managed and profitable.

Aug. Homann & Co.

The above firm manufacture and deal heavily in stoves, copper, sheet
iron and tin ware, No. 1232 Broadway, Whitticr building. All the
wares here manufactured are from the best of material and finish. This
establishment is doing a fine business.

James F. How.

Mr. How, , successor to How, Harrington & Co.company , carries on the busi-
ness of saddlery hardware, at No. 515 Main street. Every article in this
line of business may be found at his store, and at prices as low as any in
the St. Louis market, the quality of the goods being of the highest

Phillip Reiss.

Mr. Reiss, is a manufacturer of all kinds of traveling and packing.
trunks, valises, carpet bags, etc., at Nos. 122 and 124 Market street, be-
tween Main and Second. The trunks and other articles manufactured
by Mr. r.residence arc the finest in the market, remarkable for their beauty of
finish and durability.

S. Thorp.

This gentleman is a heavy dealer in wool and feathers, at No. 716
North Fifth street, buying at the highest market rates, and exchanging
cloth for wool on the most liberal terms. Mr. T. is doing a fine business,
built up by energy and perseverance.