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Encourage Your Own Home Company !

The Atlas
Mutual Life Insurance Co
Of st.street Louis.

Charles, A.Mantz, President.

A Home Institution, Chartered By The State Of Missouri.
Capital, - $193,824 85.

This, Company presents unequalled advantages, peculiar features and improvements, offering to
all classes of people who contemplate insuring their lives, great inducements.

It issues a world-wide and incontestable policy; a world-wide and non-forfeiting policy; a world-
wide policy without a condition.

All Forms Of Life Policies, Endowment, Joint Life, Annuities, Non-Forfeiting, Incon-
testable, Term, and every description of Policy on human life.

This is a Stock and Mutual Company, which guarantees to the policy holder that he is in
a safe and solvent institution.

Policy holders can Travel Throughout The World without let or hindrance, and
without being required to pay Extra Charges. A patron of this Company, on taking out a policy,
Receives Immediately A Cash Loan equal to the amount he pays in cash, and the loan
is continued annually, when he makes his payments, to assist him to insure his life.

The peculiar features, advantages and improvements, introduced by this Company, are rapidly
gaining the confidence of the people, and its business is daily increasing.

Board Of Directors.

Charles, A.Mantz,
Oliver, P.Saylor,
William, Vanzandt,
James, Harrison,
Isaac, HSturgeon,
John F.Darby, ,
James, e.east Yeatman,
Samuel, Willi,
Erastus, Wells.

Joseph, O'Neil,
Trusten, Polk,
Geo.R.Taylor, ,
J.PhilipDrieger, ,


Chas, . A.Mantz, Pres't.

J.R.Macbeth, , Sec'y.

Jas.Harrison, , V. Pres't.

Wm.Shields, , Auditor.

John F.Darby, , Treasurer.

Wm.Vanzandt, , M.D. , Consulting Physician.
I.G.W.Steedman, , M.D. , Examining Physician.

Executive Committee.

John, FDarby,
William, Vanzandt,
Samuel, Willi,
J.PhilipKrieger, ,
Charles, A.Mantz.
Office, cor.corner Fifth and st.street Charles Streets, st.street Louis, Mo.Missouri