Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

The Atlas
Mutual Life Insurance Company
Of Saint Louis.

A Mutual Company !

☞No Permits Required.☜
No Extra Charge for Res1Dence, Occupation or Travel.
No Extra Charge For Women.

All Policies Incontestable except for fraud. All Policies Non-Forfeitable
after the First Annual Premium has been received by the Company.
Semi-Annual & Quarterly Payments of Premiums accepted by the Comp'y.
The circumstances of every class of Policy-holders considered and provided for.
A Home Company ,
☞Pledged and Devoted to the furtherance of Home Interests.

Its Directors and Officers are well known and tried men of our own community.

Capital and Assets, $193,824 85.
Office, cor.corner Fifth And st.street Charles Streets, st.street Louis, Mo.Missouri

Charles, A.Mantz, : : President.

To, River, Steamboat and Railroad Men, and all persons who travel!

The Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Company of St. Louis is the only Company
in the United States that grants a World-wide, Indisputable and Incontestable
Policy of Life Insurance. So conditions or obligations are forced by this
Company on river, steamboat and railroad men, and others, because they are
engaged in their ordinary avocations to earn for themselves and family a support,
while others impose an extra tax and additional trouble. This is the only
institution that our river, steamboat and railroad men, and all others who are
constantly traveling, should patronize, and if they take out policies of insurance
on their lives in any other Company, they will be doing themselves and their
families an irreparable injury, and one which they will ever regret. We advise
our friends to examine this matter carefully before they act.