Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Dressel, Franz. 312 s.south 4th
Ennia r.residence & T.A. 118 Olive
Father & Wilson , 3d, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
For ley, Patrick, 3504 Broadway
Fox, Patrick, 14 s.south 3d
Godfrev, William, North Missouri depot
Gray, Willie H.308 Olive
Harney, Michael C.1521 Market
Hertnedy, Martin, 107 s.south 5th
Hendricks & Potter , 419 Olive
Hensesell, Charlea F.516 Franklin av.avenue
Heith & Woods, 219 n.north 5th
King, James, 2019 Franklin av.avenue
Kruse, J. H.1217 s.south 5th
Lkwis J.s.south & Co.company 606 Washington av. (See adv't
pape 887)
Ltndsey, A.Sin ford, 268 n.north 3d
Mclntyre, John w.west 14 s.south 5th
McSorley William & Co.company 27 s.south 4th
Meissner, Francis B.216 s.south 4th
Methodist Book Deposi-
Tory , 413 Locust
Nugent, Peter C.209 s.south 7th
Otto, Fritz, 9 s.south 2d
Parker, John, 5071/2 Lccust
Patterson & Fitch ,
627 n.north Main
Ptnckard, P.M.508 and 510 Pine
Ryan, Edward, 914 Broadway
Saler, Francis,
305 and 307 Convent
Scharrmann, George, 323 Market
Shaw, Anna Mrs.1829 Franklin av.avenue
Smith, Peter,
812 n.north 4th
Smyth, Edward. 819 Morgan
Spelh, Franois G.320 s.south 4th
St. Louis Book and News Co.company 207 n.north 4th
Thalmann C.G. & Co.company
22 s, 2d. (See adv't page 864)
The Woodward Book Store , E., P.dray, propr . 508 n.north
Volkening, Louts, 828 n.north 4th
Wmlle, George B.810 Washington av.avenue
Wright, lleno C.616 Market