Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Dress and Cloak Makers.
(See also Milliners.)
Armstrong, Kate Miss, 602 n.north 5th
Auer, Rose Mrs.616 Pranklin av.avenue
Banyard, Ellen Miss, 822 Walnut
Barrett, Eleanor Mrs.700 n.north 7th
Beattto, Anna Mrs.ARobinson, , 215 n,north 6th
Beaty, Grace Mra.710 Wash
Bllhare, Amelia, 215 n.north 4th
Bishop, Sarah Mrs.1809 Poplar
Bondaonx, Miss, 622 n.north 8th
Bouquet, Mary Mrs.8807 Broadway.
Braaley, Emma Mrs.621 Morgan
Britt, Louisa Miss, 1481 Broadway
Brown, Amanda Mrs.309 s.south 12th
Brown, Emma Mrs.607 n.north 7th
BruinMary Miss,6 s.south 14th
Bunn, Theresa Miss100 n.north 12th
Burkha dt, M. Mrs.521 Morgan
Buti, Rosina Mrs.932 n.north 6th
Canaan, Maria, 1206 Morgan
Caragher, Mrs.817 n.north 17th
Carson, Anne B.833 n.north 8th
Casey, Ann Mm.1028 Waahington av.avenue
Chapman, Elizabeth J.109 Poplar
Clark, Sophia Mrs.705 Washington ar.
Clarke, Sarah M. Mrs.815 n.north 21st
Coatea, Elizabeth Miss, 822 Chesnut
Collins, Mary Miss, 13 s.south 14th
Collins, Mary Mrs.2121. 7th
Crommie, Magdalane. 1817 Morgan
Cross, Debora Mrs.18 s.south 10th
Cuddy, Margaret Mrs.1229 Olive
Dailey, Robbey, 1907 Menard
Dale & Wheeler , 916 n.north 7th
Dee, Bridget Mrs.1119 n.north 10th
D'Episy, Madame L.F.
419 1/2 n.north 4th
Dittmann, Catharine, 1409 Jackson
Dixon, Agnes e.east 1718 Fulton
Doherty, Martha F.1520 Chesnut
Donnelly, J. C. Mrs.119 n.north 7th
Elsner, Frederica, 1431 s.south 7th
Field, Martha A.2014 n.north 9th
Fillinger, Sophie, 802 Geyer av.avenue
Fuller, Anna L. Mrs.809 n.north 7th
Faqua, Mary Miss, 809 n.north 6th
Gardyne, Bettie Miss, 9 s.south 6th.
Gass, Jane Miss, 614 Olive
Gilchrist, Maria, 2316 Morgan
Goetz, Ellen, 218 Spruce
Gohner, Anna, 916 s.south 2d
Gratia, * Constance Mrs.216 a. 8th
Gregg, Mary Mrs.1403 Market
Groat, Mary J.1231 Olive
Groff, Hannah Mrs.614 Elm
Guinea, Houise, 724 Soulard
Guinan, Eliza Miss, 814 n.north 5th
Gumersell, Mary J. Mrs.17 s.south 20th
Hall, w.west C. Mrs.419 n.north 8th
Hamilton & Ross ,
902 Market
Hanway, Charlotte Mrs.828 n.north 8th
Harbison, Susan Mrs.513 Labadie
Hardmann, Maria s.south 1815 Franklin av.avenue
Harney, Mrs.612 St. Charles
Haupt, Therese, 1018 s.south 4th
Haynes, Ada B. Mrs.310 s.south 5th
Heaiey, Kate Mrs.2030 Morgan
Hesly, Elizabeth Miss, 917 Olive
Healy, Mary Miss, 917 Olive
Henneaey, Mary, 1305 O'Fallon
Henri, Mary Mrs.310 Morgan
Herbst, I ouise, 1704 Decatur
Hickey, Ellen Mrs.826 n,north 8th
Hoffman, Louisa, 723 Locust
Hough, Elizabeth C, Mrs.1013 Carr
Hundley, Elizabeth J.810 Mound
Johnson, Elizabeth Miss.110 n.north 12th
Johnson, Mary Mrs.1624 Market
Kain, Marcus Mrs.1103 Morgan
Keenan, Julia Mrs.215 n.north 14th
Keller, Emma Mrs.1403 Market
Kelly, Mary A. Mrs.819 North Market
Kershaw, Sarah Mrs.2006 n.north 14th
Kirkpatrick, Jane Miss, 209 n.north 14th
Kiskadden, Virginia, 328 n.north 14th
Klute, Frances, 920 Brooklyn
Koehler, Mrs.1818 Broadway
Krone, Kate Mrs.1309 s.south 5th
Leavy, B. M.408 St. Charles
Leopold, Angele Miss, McNair, av.avenue nr.near Arsenal
Mahoney, Maria Mra.1425 Chesnut
Maier, EtSanbeth Mrs, ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Marion
and Barry
Markess, H. Mrs.15 s.south 3d
McCabe, Kate Mies, 816 Chesnut
McCollin, Maggie Miss, 510 s.south 19th.
McCormick, Anna Mrs.520 Elm
McCrory M. & M. 1419 Market
McFartand, Mary Mrs.12 s.south 8th
McKellegett, Annie T. Mrs.112 a. 14th
Mencle, M. Mrs.1144 s.south 7th
Mes er, Rebecca Mrs.917 n.north 7th
Meyer, Chariotta, 704 s.south 2d