Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Flouring Mills,
(See also Millers.)
Anchor, Mill, Kerckhoff & Wibracht , propra. 2801 and
2805 Franklin av.avenue
Atlantic Mills, Alex. H. Smith & Co.company proprs. Main, cor.corner
Plan, office, 8 n.north Commercial
Broadway Mills, Ames & Gilmore , proprs. 1413 Broad-
Camp Spring Mills,
F. Etck-ermatm & Co.company proprs. Estelle, bet.between 19th and
Davis & Co.company as. Darts, bet.between n.north 12th and 13th
Eagle Steam Mills ,
e.east 0,Stanard, , propr. Main, se.southeast cor.corner Bates, office,
Main, sw.southwest cor.corner Market
Eclipse Flouring Mill,
English & Martin , proprs. 21st, se.southeast cor.corner Randolph
Empire Floor Mill, Alex. H. Smith A Co.company proprs, 1838
to 1842 Broadway, office, 8 n.north Commercial
Excelsior Mills, Lanitz A Anderson , proprs, Sth, eor.
Cass av.avenue
Great Western Mills, Steimel & Schmacker , proprs.
1509 to 1515 n.north 8th
Hensohen, Krite & Co.company
707 n.north 2d
Jefferson Mills, Sesstaghaus Brothers , proprs. 2200 n.north 2d
Laclede Mills, Alex. H. Smith & Co.company proprs. Decatur,
cor.corner Soulard, office, 8 n.north Commercial
O'Fallon Mills,
I. F, Brockschmidt 4 Co.company proprs. Junction 4th and
Pacific Flour Mills , Charles L, Tucker, propr. s.south 3d, ne.northeast
cor.corner Cedar
Park Mills ,
T. A.Buckland, , propr. 1800 Market
Phoenix Flour Mill, Smith & Miller , proprs. 715 and 717
Plants' Franklin Mills ,
518, 515 and 517 Franklin av.avenue
Saxony Mills, Leonhardt & Schuricht ; proprs. 310, 812
and 314 Soulard
Southern Mills,
Engelke & Penier , proprs. 606 and 808 s.south 5th
Star Mills , ValentineStocke, , propr. 2209 Carondelet av.avenue
St. George Mills, Kalbfleiseh & Lange , proprs. 1918
Tolle, John F., Cherry, ne. cor, Collins
Union Steam Mill Co.company Waller C.Carr, , pres.president L.Wette-
rbth, , sec.secretary Levee, foot of Florida
United States Mills , EldiidgeGoddard, , propr. Colum-
bus, se.southeast cor.corner Rutgers
Washington Avenue Mills, F.w.west Randolph & Co.company proprs.
Market, sw,southwest cor.corner 21st
Fluid Companies ,
St. Loats Petroiene Fluid Co.company 212 s.south 4th