Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Ccentral Savings Bank ,
312 n.north 3d
Corn Exchange Savings 'Bank, F. Leser, cash. 16 s.south Main
Exchange, Bank of Haskell & Co.company Main, sw.southwest cor.corner Vine
Exchange, Bank of st.street Louis, 217 n.north 3d
First National Bank Of
st.street Louis , 5th, junction Carondelet av.avenue
Fourth National Bank
Of St. L0Uis , John, C. H.D.Block, ,pres.president Fred-, w.west Biebinger, cash. 601 n.north 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Wash-
ington av.avenue
Fourth Street Bank ,
John, A.Sumner, cash. 212 n.north 4th
Franklin Avenue Ger-
Man Savings' Institution , Henry, Meier,
pres.president L.J.Cist, , cash. Franklin av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner 6th
Franklin Savings' Insti-
Tution , F.Ringeling, , cash. 8 s.south Main
German, Bank,
A.Krieckhaus, , pres.president Charles, Solding, vice pres.president
Peter, Weis, cash. 211 Market
German Savings' Institu-
Tion , Main, se.southeast cor.corner Market. (See adv't age 108)
Hannibal Savings' and Insurance Co.company of st.street Louis , 212
n.north 3d
Home Savings' Bank , Edward, D.Jones, pres.president Broad-
way, ne.northwest cor.corner Jefferson
International Bank Of
St. Louis , William, C.Lange, pres.president Louis, Schmidt,
cash. 226 Market. (See adv't back eover)
Mechanics' Bank ,
Oliver, Garrison, pres.president George, T.Hulse, cash. 2d,
sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Merchants' National
Bank Of St. Louis , James, e.east Yeatman, cash.
401 n.north Main, cor.corner Locust
Missouri, Benevolent and Loan Association , 313 Olive
National Bank State Of
Missouri In St. Louis , 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
National Loan Bank of St. Louis , T.B.Edgar, , pres.president
William, H.Maurice, cash. 210 n.north 3d
North St. Louis Savings' Association , Broadway, sw.southwest
cor.corner Morgan
People's Savings' Institution , Ernst w.west Leonhardt, , pres.president
5th, ne.northwest cor.corner Park av.avenue
Provident Savings' Institution , 513 Olive
Real Estate Savings' Institution , 610 Olive
Second National Bank ,
G.H.Rea, , pres.president e.east D.Jones, , cash. 212 n.north 3d.
(See adv't front col'd page)
State Savings' Association , Charles, Parsons, cash. Main,
se.southeast corcorner Vine
St. Louis Building and Savings' Association , 202 n.north 2d
St. Louis National Pank , 300 n.north 3d, ne.northeast cor.corner Olive
The Commercial Bank Of
St. Louis , Edward, M.Samuel, pres.president Olive, se.southeast
cor.corner 2d
Third National Bank Of St. Louis , 119 n.north 2d.
(See adv't psge 885)
Traders' Bank,
William Taussig , pres.president H.H.Wernse, , asst.assistant cash.
Main, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Union National Bank of St. Louis 210 Olive
Union Savings' Associa-
Tion Of St. Louis , Main, ne.northeast cor.corner Walnut. (See
adv't page 520, opp. Savings' Institutions, and side
lines of pages)
United States Savings' Institution , Market, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d