Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Pollard, Garland,
208 n.north 3d
Pope WilliamS.,
202 n.north 3d
Post T.A. & H.M. 105 n.north 5th
Potter & Lee , 305½ Olive
Price, William C.2 n.north 4th
Rankin & Hayden , Olive, sw.southwest corcorner , 3d
Reed William, 316 Chesnut
Richardson, C. G.
11 n.north 5th
Risk, Thomas F.
216½ Chesnut
Russell, Thomas A.221 n.north 3d
Russell, w.west H.H, 4th, se.southeast cor.corner Chesnut
Schulenburg, Rudolph, 410½ Market
Seymour, George e.east 513 Olive
Shands & Papin ,
804 Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner 3d. (See adv't corner cards,
General Directory)
Sharp & Broadhead , 8d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Shreve & Sanders , 808 Pine
Simmons, Cyrenius C., City hall
Simmons, Samuel, 12 n.north 4th
Skinker, Thomas K.219½ Chesnut
Slayback & Spencer , 304 Olive
Slevin, James M.216 Pine
Smith, George e.east 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Smith, George Melville, 121 n.north 8d
Smith, Samuel M.228 n.north 8d
Smith, T. T.3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Smythe, Charles B.306½ Chesnut
Spies, Frederick, 122 n.north 8d
Staples & Son , 228 Chesnut
Stark, Charles H.225 Chesnut
Sterling, Albert n.north 222 Pine
Stewart, Stewart & Wieting, 203 n.north 8d
Straat, John n.north 225 Chesnut
Stratton, T. W, 316 Chesnut
Strong, George P.211 Ohesnut
Stuart, D. M.V.217 Chesnut
Tatum, Joseph T.
n.north 5th, ne.northwest cor.corner Chesnut
Taussig & Kellogg , 101 n.north 5th
Taylor, s.south n.north 9 n.north 5th
Terry & Terry , 212 n.north 4th
Thayer, Amos M.12 n.north 4th
Thompson, William B.2.2 Pine
Thomos, Robert s.south 305½ Olive
Thurmond, Claudius M.B.318 Chesnut
Tittmann & Donoyan ,
3d, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Todd, Albert, 120 n.north 6th, up stairs
Van Wagoner G.s.south & I. 215 Pine
Vastine, Joseph P.9 n.north 5th
Von Decutsch, Oustavus, rooms 7 and 8, 5th,sw.southwest cor.corner Mar-
Voorhis & Mason , 322 Chesnut
Voullaire, Seymoor, 309 Chesnut
Walbridge & Allen ,
Shorthand Writers, Notaries And Law
Reporters, 305½ Olive
Webster, Benjamin F.3d, sw.southwest cor.corner pine
Wetenhall, G. J.217 n.north 3d
Wetmore & Bro , 325½ n.north 3d
Whitaker, Robert, 507 Chesnut
Whitney, Charles M.610 Market
Whittelsey, Charles C.208 Chesnut
Sickham, John, Chesnut, se.southeast cor.corner 3d
Wilcox, Leonard, 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine
Wirts, John M.room 1, 4th, ne.northwest cor.corner Walnut
Wise, Isaac T.213 Chesnut
Withrow, James e.east 221 n.north 3d
Woerner & Kehr , 121 n.north 3d