The elite directory of Saint Louis society
“The Only Family Paper in the West.”

Its leading departments will comprise Editorials on topics
of fresh interest, Brilliant Romances and portraitures of Ameri-
can life; Editorial Reviews of new events in the world of

Belles Lettres,
Painting, Music,
and Sports.

Original Essays, the first look at New Books, and racy ac-
counts of sayings, happenings and doings in the Beau-Monde—
embracing the freshest matters of interest in this country—the
whole completely mirroring the wit and wisdom, the humor and
pathos, the news and sparkling gossip of the times. Also a
complete record of all sporting matters.

subscribers will receive The St. Louis Herald

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1 Copy three months $ 75
1 Copy Six months 1.00
1 Copy one year 2.00

Subscribers living in the city will have their paper delivered
at their homes by carriers every Saturday.

To clubs and parties getting up a subscription list, a liberal
discount allowed or commission paid.

Subscriptions will take place immediately, or at any time the subscribers prefer.

Address the proprietors and publishers,
L. C. Tetard &