The elite directory of Saint Louis society
De Ward, Sophy, Miss, Lacas ave.avenue , between 27th and
28th sts.streets
De Wulf, E., Mrs., 1107 Waektegtoa ave.avenue
Diekey, Florence M., Miss, 1309 Washingti ave.avenue
Diekey, Hatlie, Miss, 1309 Wellington ave.avenue
Dickson, B., Mrs., 2630 Chestnut st.street
Dickson, Estelle, Miss, 3424 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Chas , K., Mrs., 3424 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Joe, Mrs., 3513 Morgan st.street
Dickson, Richard , L.,. Mrs., Laclede ave.avenue , near Grand.
Dickinson, Putman, Mrs., 3500 Olive st.street
Dickson, Kate, Miss, 19th and Olive sts.streets
Dickson, Maggie, Miss, 19th and Olive sts.streets
Dieckriede, Helen, Miss, 1613 Chouteau ave.avenue
Dierkes, Edward, Mrs., 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Dill, Floy, Miss, 1411 N.north 17th st.street
Dillon, John A., Mrs., 1523 Hickory st.street
Dillon, John, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Dillon, Miss, 3212 Olive st.street
Dinwoodey, Alice, Miss, 3139 Clark ave.avenue
Diuwoodey, Mary E., Miss, 3139 Clark ave.avenue
Dixon, William, Mrs., 1401 Pine st.street
Doan, George P., Mrs., 2309 Olive st.street
Doan, Laura, Miss, 2309 Olive st.street
Dodd, Marv L., Miss, 2311 Locust st.street
Dodge, Ella, Miss, 2329 Market st.street
Dodge, Fannie, Miss, 2329 Market st.street
Dodge, Julia, Miss, 2329 Marker st.street
Dodge, William, Mrs., 2329 Market st.street
Dooley, Silas W., Mrs., 2815 Russell ave.avenue
Donovan, Frank, Mrs., 2827 Cambie ave.avenue
Donovan, Joseph L., Mrs., 1827 Morgan st.street
Donaldson, John W., Mrs., 3407 Morgan st.street
Dorsheinier, Louis, Mrs., 2223 Pine st.street
Dorsheinier, Ella, Miss, 2223 Pine st.street
Dorsheinier, Lulu, Miss, 2223 Pine st.street
Dougherty, Kate, Miss, 3114 Chestnut st.street
Dougherty, Lizzie, Miss, 3114 Chestnut st.street
Dougherty, Mattihas, Mrs.,3114 Chestnut st.street
Douglass, Archer W., Mrs., 1302 Washington ave.avenue
Douglass, Annie, Miss, 1131 St. Ange ave.avenue
Douglass, John T., Mrs., 1131 st.street Ange ave.avenue
Douglass, Hdward F., Mrs., 827 Tayon ave.avenue
Douglass, Fannie, Miss, 1131 St. Ange ave.avenue