The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Betts,, Elizabeth L.Mrs.1102 Morrison ave.avenue
Betts, George CMrs., 1103 N.north Jefferson ave.avenue
Betts, Augusta, Miss, 2929 Olive st.street
Betts, Jennie, Miss, 2929 Olive st.street
Beltzhoover, Mary, Miss, 2732 Pine st.street
Bevis, Alfred, Mis.3130 Morgan st.street
Billings, A. W., Mrs., 1716 Olive st.street
Bircher, Rudolph, Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Birge, Haitie, Miss, 1027 Clay ave.avenue
Birge, Julia C., Mrs., 1027 Clay ave.avenue
Bissell, Cornelia, Miss, Baden.
Blaine, Mollie, Mis., 2810 Pine st.street
Blaine, Sallie, Miss, 2810.
Blakenian, T. K., Mrs., 3140 Pine st.street
Blakey, Sarali, Mrs., 1236 St. Ange ave.avenue
Blakeslev, Annie, Miss, 3422 Morgan st.street
Blanke, Kinina, Miss, 2816 Walnut st.street
Blanke, Fred , W.Mrs., 2845 Clark ave.avenue .
Blanke, Henrv W., Mrs., 2816 Morgan st.street
Blanke, Ida, Miss.3110 Lucas ave.avenue
Blanke, Julia, Miss, 2816 Walnut st.street
Blesine, H. Bourgeoise, Mrs., 1500 Washington ave.avenue
Blodgett, Susie, Miss.2339 Chestnut st.street
Blodgett, W. H., Mrs., 2339 Chestnut st.street
Blood, Nelli , W., Miss, 1000 Chouteau ave.avenue
Blossom, Chalmers D., Mrs., Union ave.avenue near Olive st.street
Blossom, Howad A., Mrs., 2903 Pine.
Blossom, H. M., Mrs., 3000 Locust st.street
Blossom, Russell, Mrs., 3000 Locust st.street
Blow, Susie, Miss, 26th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Blow, Gussie, Miss, 26th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Blow, Eugenia L., Miss, Lindell ave. cor. Baker.
Blow, Peter E., Mrs., Lindell ave. cor. Baker.
Blow, Sarah, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Bobb, Charles, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Bofinger, M. John, Mrs., 3527 Lindell ave.avenue
Bogy, Benjamin, Mrs., 2828 Adams st.street
Bogy, Lewis V., Mrs., 1828 Wash st.street
Bogy, Joseph, Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner l15th and Walnut sts.streets
Bogy, Julia, Miss, s.w.southwest cor.corner 15th and Walnut sts.streets
Boisliniere, L. C., Mrs., 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Louis. Miss, 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Lucie, Miss, 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Marie, Miss.2303 Chestnut st.street