The elite directory of Saint Louis society
McFall, John, Jr.junior , 2323 Carr st.street
McGuffin, James B., 2630 Solomon ave.avenue , St. Louis
McGunnegle, Edward.1627 Chestnut st.street
McKittrick, . Addison. Mis., 2621 Chestnut st.street
McLaren, Chas. J., 1628 Lucas Hare.
McLelland, J. W., Barnum’s Hotel.
McManns, Frank. 1417 Olive st.street
McMurtlev, . John W., 1600 Olive st.street
McXair,, Henry C.1704 Chestnut st.street
McXair, . Leo G., 1704 Chesinut st.street
McXair, John, 1704 Chestnut st.street
McRee, Fergus, 1621 Chestnut st.street
MacDonald, Charle , W . 3005 Olive st.street
Mafflt, Charles C., n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Maftit, Wm.William ,C., n.e.northeast cor.corner l8th and Lucas Place.
Magnus, Otto, 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Magorlin, John, Dr., Planters’ House.
Maguire, James H.e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Maguire, John, Lindell ave.avenue , near Cabaline ave.avenue
Maquire, Wm.William A., e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Mahler, Jacob, 1007 Locust st.street
Mahler, John, 1007 Locust st.street
Manuaduke, John S., Gen.,113 S.5th st.street
Marqua, George, 1433 Gay st.street
Martin, Joseph E., 1512 Walnut st.street
Martindale, . J. H.2308 Chestnut St.
Marvin, Fielding, 2719 Lucas ave.avenue
Mason, Wm.William H.1303 Grattan st.street
Mathews, Dr., 1300 Washington ave.avenue
Maurice, Wm.William H., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
srtong aves.avenues
Maurice, Wm.William T., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
strong aves.avenues
May, Harry, 2932 Olive st.street
Maxwell, Walter H., 1021 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Meacham, E. C., Lindell Hotel.
Mead, S. H., Baruum’s Hotel
Mellier, Auiedee A., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellier,, Duncan L., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellon, Jefferson L., Washington ave.avenue Hotel.
Mence, George W., Planters’ House.