The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Able, Agnes. Miss.Visitation Convent.
Able, Barton, Mrs., Visitation Convent.
Acock, Lucy C., Miss.Brighton. Mo.Missouri
Alexander, Craig, Mrs., 1015 St. Ange ave.avenue
Alkire, Josiah, Mrs., Kirk wood.
Allen, . Mins. 3107 Clark ave.avenue
Allen, Beverlv, Mrs., 2917 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, . Harrv, Webster Grove.
Allen, Molile,Miss, Webster Grove.
Allen, R. A.,Webster, Grove.
Allen, Penelope, Mrs., Bellefontaine Road, near Grand
Allen, Russell, Mrs., 23d and Locust sts.streets
Alleyne, Belle, Miss, 1903 Carr st.street
Aileyne, J. S.B., Mrs., 1903 Carr st.street
Ames, L. V. S., Mrs., 1615 Lucas Place.
Anderson, . F. M., Webster Grove.
Anderson, James M., Mrs., 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Auler, H., Mrs., 1910 State st.street
Averill,H. E., Mrs., 1206, Washington ave.avenue
Avery, James, Webster Grove.
Avery, Katie, Miss, Webster Grove
Babcock, Leicester, Mrs., Lafayette ave.,avenue s.e.,southeast cor.corner
Jefferson ave.avenue
Babcock, Luther, Mrs.1020 Grattan st.street
Bailey, Elizabeth, Mrs., 7th st.,street cor.corner Robert ave.avenue , Ca-
Baker, I. G., Mrs.2710 Locust st.street
Baker, Thomas F., Mrs., 3108 Morgan st.street
Bakewell, Paul, 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Bakewell, Cissie, Miss, 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Bakewell, Robert A., Mrs., 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Baldwin, Misses, Rutger st.street and Missouri ave.avenue