The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Baldwin, Susan P., Mrs., Batger st.,street n.e.northeast cor.corner Mis-
souri ave.avenue
Bame, Dollie, Miss, 305 S.22d st.street
Banker, John H., Mrs . 1721 Morgan st.street
Barrada, Eliza, Mrs., 1354 Garrison ave.avenue
Barrett, R. A., Mrs.1335 Washington ave.avenue
Barron, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Barry, James G., Mrs.1340 Chouteau ave.avenue
Barthlow, Thomas J., Mrs., 3044 Easton ave.avenue
Barile, William G.Mrs., Tesson ave.avenue , near Clayton
Bates, Julia D., Mrs., 2732 Morgan st.street
Beach, J. C. H.,Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner 23d and Locust sts.streets
Beakey, . James, Mrs., 1608 Washington ave.avenue
Beard, J. E., Mrs., 2316 Fine st.street
Beck, . Clarence M., Mrs., Laclede and Garrison aves.avenues
Belcher, George, Mrs., 2646 Washington ave.avenue
Benoist, Conde L., Mrs., 1311 Park ave.avenue
Benoist, Conine, Miss, 3122 Pine st.street
Benoist, Sanguinea, Mrs., 3122 Pine st.street
Bent, Silas. Mrs., 717 Garrison ave.avenue
Bergfeld, . J. W., 1924 Division st.street
Beruhig, Henry B., Mis., 1325 St. Ange ave.avenue
Berteli, Maggie, Miss, 209 S.16th st.street
Bevis, Florence, Miss, 3437 Morgan st.street
Billingsley, R. L., Mrs., 3510 Lindell ave.avenue
Blank, Aug. H., 3116 Lucas ave.avenue
Block, Lueretia, Miss, 2637 Pine st.street
Blood, Sullivan, Mrs., Lindell ave.avenue , near Grand ave.avenue
Bordley, Florente, Miss, 1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bowen, Annie, Miss,Carondelet.
Bowen, Gen., Mrs., Carondelet.
Boyd, Mis., 22d and Eugenia sts.streets
Breman, Bart, Mrs, 3327 Olive st.street
Bridges, A. L., St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Bridges, Georgie, Miss, St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Brooks, Carrie, Miss, 1415 N.north 17th st.street
Brothers, S F., Mrs., 1302 Washington ave.avenue
Brotherton, . Marshall, Mrs., 1300 Olive.
Brown, Wyatt W., Mrs., 2709 Washington ave.avenue
Bryan, Eveline, Mrs., 2108 Lafayette ave.avenue
Buck, M. M., .Mrs., Grand ave.avenue , head of Chestnut st.street
Buckland, Thos. A., Mrs., 1643 S.Jefferson ave.avenue
Budd, Geo. K., Mrs., 3434 Morgan st.street